Wechat, as a social application widely used around the world, has become an important tool for international brands to quickly increase their brand awareness in the Chinese market. WeChat marketing is crucial to enhance brand awareness and to increase sales in China.

This article will explore how international brands adopt marketing methods in the WeChat system, conduct an in-depth study of the key advantages of WeChat marketing, and achieve the marketing goal of promoting brands in the Chinese market.

Whether you are a large multinational enterprise or a start-up company, STAiiRS, as an experienced digital marketing expert, will help you deeply understand how to make WeChat marketing an integral part of your international brand marketing strategy.

What is Wechat Marketing?

WeChat marketing refers to a series of strategies and activities that utilize one of China’s largest social media platforms, WeChat, to promote brands, products or services to enhance brand awareness, attract potential customers, and ultimately increase sales. As a comprehensive platform, WeChat not only provides social communication functions, but also integrates a variety of marketing tools, allowing brands to interact directly with consumers, deliver brand value, and maximize brand awareness.

Through WeChat, companies can present their brand image in various forms. Whether through official accounts, mini-programs, video channels, or other advertising tools such as Wechat moments ads, WeChat provides a unique platform and vast resources to enable international companies to expand their presence in China. The brand can quickly gain the attention of consumers, spread through the user’s social circle, generate a good word-of-mouth effect, and finally achieve successful WeChat marketing.

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How to Conduct Wechat Marketing?

1. WeChat Official Account:

To create and operate an official account through which brands can publish valuable content, such as articles, pictures, videos, etc., and actively interact with fans, thereby building a brand image and fostering a loyal user base. By sharing contents such as industry insights, problem-solving methods, and product usage tips, brands can build professionalism and trust in users’ minds.

How to Create An Official Wechat Official Account?

WeChat official account is one of the important ways for Chinese consumers to obtain brand information. More than 80% of WeChat users subscribe to relevant official accounts and continue to pay attention. High-quality WeChat official account content is the key to attracting followers and optimizing the subscriber experience. Therefore, it is particularly important to have a deep understanding of the needs and preferences of Chinese consumers in order to accurately grasp users’ “pain points” and to analyze them. Providing targeted advice and solutions that deliver real value to customers, thereby strengthening the connection between consumers and brands.

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2. WeChat Mini-Program:

Using WeChat mini-program to develop customized applications can help create a convenient shopping environment, and offer diverse interactive experiences for users. This lightweight application seamlessly runs within the WeChat ecosystem, providing an efficient shopping channel. Furthermore, it allows brands to personalize their designs and present product information. By doing so, brands can enhance the user experience, strengthen the connection between their brand and users, and cultivate a more positive brand image.

How to Exploit WeChat Mini-Program?

When a brand establishes a long-term trust relationship with customers on its WeChat official account, how can it successfully transform customers’ purchase intentions into actual purchasing behavior and achieve effective sales growth for the company? WeChat mini-program provides enterprises with a quick and convenient method.

As an important part of WeChat marketing, WeChat mini-programs are widely used in China. Whether it is an online mall or offline ordering service, consumers can avoid the inconvenience of downloading additional apps and can easily open the built-in mini-program. This convenience not only brings a better shopping experience to consumers, but also provides excellent development opportunities for enterprises. Consumers can easily browse products, view details, add to cart, and complete payment securely and quickly, which is a seamless experience that helps increase conversion rates. In addition, the social sharing and recommendation functions within the mini-program can help brands expand their influence and achieve word-of-mouth communication, thus attracting more potential customers.

3. WeChat Advertising:

Using the WeChat advertising platform to place ads can help brands promote products or services in users’ Moments and other pages. This form of advertising allows brands to accurately target users based on factors such as interests, gender, geographical location, etc. to achieve higher ads serving effects.

4. WeChat Video Channel:

The WeChat video account is integrated within the WeChat platform. Brands can attract users’ attention in just a few minutes, by conveying brand information, and adding interactive elements such as lotteries and danmaku subtitling in the video to increase user engagement. In addition, Wechat allows users to share short videos to WeChat Moments, further expanding the scope of video influence.

5. WeChat KOL Campaign:

By cooperating with KOLs who have extensive attention and fans base in specific fields, brands can use their influence to spread brand information. These KOLs can interact with their fans in a more natural and intimate way, convey brand value, product features, etc., and arouse users’ interest and recognition. With the reputation and influence of KOLs, brands can more effectively reach target customers, and establish a stronger presence in the Chinese market.

6. WeChat Community Operation:

This method builds an active and interactive community ecosystem by sharing valuable contents, encouraging community members to interact, and conveying the brand’s core values. In this type of community, members can share experiences and discuss products, and brands can also provide them with useful information and resources. Through this interaction, the brand not only provides practical value, but also strengthens the emotional bond with users, which helps the brand increase its visibility among the potential customers.

In summary, WeChat, as the largest social media platform in China, plays an extremely important role in digital marketing. Its huge user base covers all age levels, and its diversified functions integrate sociality, payment, shopping, searching and other functions, providing a distinct platform for brands around the world to establish connections and spread information in China.

Wechat Marketing: Challenges and Solutions

In China, a unique and huge consumer market, understanding the cultural background, consumption habits and daily social preferences of Chinese people is a key step for brands to enter the Chinese market. The WeChat platform provides diversified marketing channels for brands. While maximizing brand communication capabilities, we should pay attention to some issues and challenges.

  • Brands need to carefully select the appropriate segment and marketing methods that align with the brand’s identity. The Chinese market is highly competitive, and collaborating with STAiiRS’ professional team can ensure that the brand’s marketing strategy and activities are better aligned with the local market’s actual conditions, helping it stand out among numerous competitors and win the favor of consumers.
  • China is the leader in the mobile payment sector, and mobile payment solutions are particularly important in the Chinese market. Therefore, companies need to make corresponding preparations and adjustments in technology and business strategies to provide consumers with a more convenient consumption experience.
  • In China, the usage of WeChat payment can be seen everywhere. To better understand WeChat Pay, it is similar to PayPal or Apple Pay, you can pay for online shopping, or you can scan the QR code to pay in offline stores. Not only that, you can also use WeChat to book flight or train tickets, order a taxi, chat with other people or post a new topic, just like on social media channels such as Instagram or Facebook. You can do almost everything in your daily life on this app, which is why everyone in China uses WeChat. Its convenience and widespread use can simplify people’s payment process when shopping, reduce waiting time, and make customers feel that the entire shopping process is smoother and more convenient.
  • China is in a period of rapid digital development. Technologies such as VR have become effective means to enhance the digital shopping experience, such as virtual try-on function. Enterprise optimization and innovation of various shopping experiences have also become an important part of brand marketing.

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