With a cross-border e-commerce market size of about 15.7 trillion yuan and many dedicated platforms, China’s B2C e-commerce market witnesses huge potential for growth in 2022. Unlike  in Europe, social media platforms are very important to the Chinese e-commerce market. Chinese consumers usually start to learn about a brand or a product from social media and then they compare products and finally place orders on preferred e-commerce platforms. 

In China, Douyin (TikTok China) is the fastest growing social media platform. This short-form video-sharing app is a bonafide social networking force, and it has already completed its in-app ecommerce loop. Today, video clips (short-form videos) are the most popular information carrier in China; online video clips have also been displacing traditional ads in marketing. For international brands that want to enter the Chinese B2C e-commerce market, Douyin (TikTok China) is a strategic base area that must be occupied.

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1. What is Douyin (TikTok China) ? 

Douyin, one of the fastest-growing and most populous social platforms in China, is the Chinese version of TikTok (both created by ByteDance) . The total number of Douyin users in China is over 809 million.  Douyin (TikTok China) users are post-90s and post-00s in first- and second-tier cities, who like to share their lives, to accept new challenges and to try new products.

Douyin (TikTok China) increases brand exposure with high-quality video content. And it has improved the new user functions such as TikTok live, social interaction, e-commerce and online search, etc. It has become a multifunctional social media B2C e-commerce platform similar to WeChat.

2. Why should international brands choose Douyin (TikTok China)?

Douyin (TikTok China) in-app traffic is huge. It owns over 600 million daily traffic and a rich and diversified potential user base. 

Douyin (TikTok China) has already become an important channel for Chinese people to shop online. It has also influenced consumers’ online shopping patterns. Douyin (TikTok China) uses short videos to match users, stimulate their interest, trigger demand and their desire to purchase, and Douyin (TikTok China) online stores are a perfect place to  showcase products. Douyin (TikTok China) Live-streaming vividly presents products to consumers.

Douyin (TikTok China) provides e-commerce placement tools for international brands. It helps brand merchants reach targeted users precisely and create sustainable brand power. International brands can achieve high ROI conversion through Douyin (TikTok China) e-commerce marketing matrix ( brand live streaming + celebrity promotion +KOL promotion + brand initiated challenges for massive participation).

3. How do international brands sell on Douyin (TikTok China)?

To enter the Chinese market, international brands need to understand the purchasing habits of Chinese consumers. Nowadays, Chinese consumers rely on online e-commerce platforms, and live streaming is the most popular sales method in China’s B2C e-commerce market since 2021.

Streaming service to sell your products on Douyin

International brands can set up Douyin (TikTok China) stores to showcase products in a three-dimensional and detailed way. Brands accumulate fans by releasing attractive,  high-quality content (in form of short videos/live broadcasts), inspiring consumers’ desire to purchase. Brands can also sell goods through live streaming and online e-store.

4. What are the advantages of opening a store in Douyin (TikTok China)?

  •    Douyin (TikTok China) attracts large traffic

The natural advantage of a  Douyin (TikTok China) e-store is its 600 million daily traffic. Brands/companies can attract app traffic to Douyin (TikTok China) e-stores through releasing video clips, showcasing products and live streaming, etc.

  •  Douyin (TikTok China) cultivates user adherence

As Kesong, TikTok’s new app, all the content of Douyin (TikTok China) is from users, which is called UGC (user-generated-content), and such content mode inspires users to take the initiative to acquire information, accumulate high trust and strong user adherence.

  • Douyin (TikTok China)  is powerful

One-stop operation: Douyin (TikTok China) provides a full set of products to help brands and companies to realize the whole process of business operations including: product buy & sell, e-store management, pre-sales & post-sales service, etc.

Two-model product sales : brands/companies can realize online sales through estore live streaming + “working with celebrity/KOL”.

5.  Douyin (TikTok China) Global Ecommerce Platform- A new channel for international brands to enter China

Douyin (TikTok China) Global Ecommerce Platform is a one-stop cross-border import B2C e-commerce platform in China, providing overseas brands with a one-stop solution for brand growth from “content marketing” to “ecommerce operation” in China. Douyin (TikTok China) provides international brands an active brand-user sharing & participation community for helping them expand reach in China. Many world well-known and new international brands have already stationed on Douyin (TikTok China) Global Ecommerce Platform including Asia Pacific, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North Africa, North America and Latin America. innisfresh, neutrogena, murad, cosrx, amore pacific, etc. 

The inspiration and joy its content provides, its unique perspective and position in the Chinese B2C ecommerce market; all these pieces come together to showcase the strength and uniqueness of Douyin (TikTok China) Global Ecommerce Platform community among users, businesses and international brands. 

The future of Douyin (TikTok China) Global Ecommerce Platform can not be underestimated. 

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