In 2024, consumer real experiences and word-of-mouth recommendations on the Xiaohongshu have revealed the latest consumption trends among young consumers. Phenomenological concepts such as “emotional value,” “comfortness,” “focus on self-worth,” and “healing economy” have emerged and been widely recognized in Xiaohongshu.

These emerging consumer philosophies not only reflect Chinese consumers’ demand for product functionality but also underscore their emphasis on psychological and emotional needs.

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Xiaohongshu in 2024

A Youthful and Dynamic Social Media Platform

In an era defined by digitalization and social connectivity, the consumption perspectives of young Chinese consumers are continuously evolving. By 2024, Xiaohongshu has evolved beyond being a mere shopping-sharing platform to becoming a vital channel for users to discover, document, and share lifestyles.

Themes like “youthful vitality,” “national lifestyle guide,” and “unique community ecosystem” give Xiaohongshu robust penetration across demographics and brand universality, making it a primary hub for cultivating and engaging consumers.

Xiaohongshu is A Youthful and Dynamic Social Media Platform

Latest Data about Xiaohongshu in 2024

As China’s leading lifestyle-sharing platform, Xiaohongshu has shown strong growth momentum in 2024. The platform boasts over 300 million monthly active users. Where post-1995 users constitute 50% and post-2000 users make up 35%.

Users from first and second-tier cities comprise 50%. There are over 80 million community contributors, and the daily user search penetration rate reaches 60%. User-generated content (UGC) constitutes 90% of the content.

In terms of age distribution, users aged 18 to 24 hold more than 39% of the share, closely followed by users aged 25 to 34 at 38%, indicating a similar proportion between these two age brackets. Regarding urban distribution, users from first-tier and new first-tier cities make up over 70%, followed by second-tier city users at 16%.

The active users of Xiaohongshu are predominantly young women, and a growing number of male users are from first- and second-tier cities.

Additionally, the 25 to 34 age group is increasingly becoming a core market force. These users have a strong passion for life, possess higher purchasing power, and have specific preferences in shopping choices. Their sharing and interactions profoundly influence consumer trends and markets.

In terms of user profiles, they can be segmented into makeup enthusiasts, foodies, moms, home management experts, working professionals, health aficionados, and artistic youth, among others.

As the user base continues to expand and societal lifestyles evolve, not only urban youth but also young people and older generations from smaller towns and rural areas will integrate into Xiaohongshu, forming a diverse range of user profiles.   

In 2024, Xiaohongshu reflects dynamic interactions between consumer behavior and market trends through its diverse user base. Popular consumer industries on the platform, including beauty and personal care, fashion, food, maternity and baby products, home and decor, sports and outdoor activities, and pet-related products, demonstrate significant characteristics.

7 topics of Consumption Trends on Xiaohongshu in 2024

According to Xiaohongshu’s 618 New Lifestyle Shopping Trends Insight Report, the platform’s popular consumer demographics and industries exhibit the following characteristics:

1. Beauty and Personal Care

Urban Gen Z accounts for 15.57% of the market share and holds a dominant position in the consumer market, focusing on skincare, body shape, and beauty. These consumers place high importance on product ingredients and effectiveness, with “anti-aging” being a recurring theme. They seek to enhance self-worth and confidence through high-quality beauty and personal care products.

Besides cost-effectiveness, consumers are willing to pay premium prices for quality, demonstrating a rational and pragmatic attitude. Competition for “high-end” products has become a major trend in the beauty and personal care industry. Therefore, brands on Xiaohongshu need to enhance product quality and deliver superior experiences.

2. Fashion

Young consumers prefer fashion items that reflect their personal style, emphasizing comfort and individuality to express themselves. 

“Small-town millennials” in China

“Small-town millennials”  in China have gradually become a major consumer group in the fashion industry, accounting for over 10%. They rank just below urban Gen Z but surpass urban white-collar and blue-collar workers. With the accelerated urbanization process in China, youth consumers from small and medium-sized cities are experiencing increasing purchasing power and desire, unleashing significant market potential.

"Small-town millennials" on Xiaohongshu become a major consumer group.

Characteristics of Chinese “small-town millennials”: They enjoy the tranquility of small towns while yearning for the vibrancy of big cities. They have a high demand for essential consumer goods and aim to showcase their quality of life through daily attire to achieve identity recognition.

According to predictions by QianGua, as China’s lower-tier cities develop, the demands of small-town youth will continue to upgrade towards personalization, interest-based consumption, and respect. Fashion brands should strategize early to create favorable conditions for future market expansion.

Vibrant Colors and New Chinese Style

Two key trends in Chinese fashion this year are vibrant color emotions and the new Chinese style. Color emotion terms frequently appear such as “dopamine, colorful series, and grayscale series.” The diversity in color combinations reflects the diversity and openness of consumers in the Xiaohongshu platform’s community environment.

In recent years, Chinese young consumers’ identification and love for Chinese culture and aesthetics have been growing, leading to frequent appearances of terms like “new Chinese style, national trend, and Chinese style.” The topic “#NewChineseStyle” has exceeded 230 million views.

Brands can adjust their strategies based on the behaviors and motivations of today’s Chinese young consumers. For instance, in fashion, focusing on the inheritance of traditional culture, expression of self-attitude, and modulation of color emotions are essential considerations.

3. Culinary Delights

Cuisine is not only a taste experience but also an emotional comfort. Food sharing on Xiaohongshu inspires users to pursue a higher quality of life. Among the active participants in the food industry, urban white-collar workers account for 13.65%, ranking first; urban Gen Z and urban blue-collar workers follow closely with 11.7% and 11.3% respectively; young people from small towns and refined mothers each account for 8%.

Quality and Health 

The demand among active consumers in China’s food industry is becoming increasingly diverse. These primary consumers lead fast-paced lives, preferring convenient, ready-to-eat products. They experience high work pressure, focus on health and wellness, and have high standards for food quality.

Nowadays, the major trend in food consumption among young Chinese consumers is the pursuit of quality and health.


Despite the emphasis on health and wellness among young Chinese, snacks still dominate food consumption in 2024, accounting for 26.13%. This is followed by grains and oils (23.46%), coffee/cereals/instant beverages (22.88%), and fresh fruits and vegetables (10.91%).

In a fast-paced and fragmented lifestyle, snacks and beverages have become the main categories of consumption. These products not only satisfy hunger and quench thirst but also meet needs for convenience, wellness, personal enjoyment, social interaction, and entertainment.

4. Maternity and Baby products

Young Chinese mothers prioritize the safety and practicality of mother and baby products, aiming to enhance their parenting experience and reduce parenting stress through quality products.

In the mother and baby industry, refined mothers account for 22%, urban Gen Z accounts for 9.51%, and young people from small towns account for 7%. Refined mothers are proactive and independent consumers in China, focusing on family health, child-rearing, and self-management, influencing multiple industries.

New-generation parents emphasize scientific parenting and equality in parent-child relationships. There is an increasing focus on parenting content among men, reflecting a trend towards gender neutrality. High-quality parenting and self-fulfillment are long-term concerns for Chinese mothers and baby consumers.

Brands can focus on knowledge dissemination and product reviews to help consumers make better parenting decisions and keep up with modern parenting trends.

5. Home and Decor

Young Chinese consumers enjoy creating a cozy and comfortable living environment through DIY and home decor, seeking a sense of belonging and happiness at home. In the home and decor industry, urban Gen Z and young people from small towns account for about 25%, with urban blue-collar workers making up 13.81% and urban white-collar workers 9%.

Users labeled as “home enthusiasts” account for the highest proportion, at 16.77%. The market is shifting towards the post-95s and post-00s generations, represented by urban Gen Z and young people from small towns.

These young people have a strong need for personal expression in their living spaces and increasingly demand high-quality, trendy designs, smart technology, and health and environmental protection. Furniture brands need to focus on personalization, quality, and technological innovation to meet their needs in product design, material use, and functionality.

For example, topics like “renovation tips” and “home aesthetics” on Xiaohongshu are trendy, indicating that consumers are paying more attention to practicality and aesthetics. Brand marketing should focus on enhancing space utilization and happiness. Meanwhile, smart furniture is becoming a trend combining technology and personalization.

6. Sports and Outdoor Equipment

With growing health awareness, sports and outdoor products are in high demand, as consumers seek to stay physically and mentally healthy through exercise and enjoy life.

In 2024, sports topics such as “camping,” “hiking,” “cycling,” “tennis,” “rock climbing,” and “diving” will be very popular in Xiaohongshu. For instance, the topic “skiing” has over 310 million views, and “outdoor hiking” has 140 million views. Entries like “my daily workout” and “vlog” have amassed 450 million views.

As the sports and outdoor industry in China continues to develop, creating emotional outlets and connections through social, experiential, and self-fulfillment aspects will be key for related brands.

At the same time, the search volume for sports apparel is soaring. Growth rates for ski, basketball, tennis, and running-related clothing and footwear exceed 230%.

7. Pet Care Items

Pets are becoming increasingly important companions in the lives of many Chinese people, driving a surge in demand for related products, which fulfill consumers’ emotional needs for their pets.

According to data from Xiaohongshu, among pet-related search terms, pet food accounts for the highest proportion at 24.14%; daily necessities account for 19.7%; snacks account for 18.07%; and medical care accounts for 10.96%. Products like dog snacks and pet beds have more than doubled in growth. Additionally, there is a significant increase in attention to pet skincare, deworming medications, and gastrointestinal care.

Nowadays, more and more Chinese consumers are willing to invest time and budget into their pets, with emotional connections to pets becoming increasingly “humanized.”

Based on this trend, future efforts should focus on two aspects: improving the quality of pet food and enhancing the concepts of human-pet emotional interaction, pet health, and care. These will be key points for brands to deeply connect with consumers.

E-commerce’s Rapid Development on Xiaohongshu 

During the 618 promotion period, Xiaohongshu e-commerce showed rapid growth, with live e-commerce becoming a major focus. According to data released by Xiaohongshu e-commerce, as of June 10, the number of 618 orders was three times that of the same period last year, and live orders were 5.4 times that of the same period last year.

In 2024, Xiaohongshu e-commerce exhibits three typical characteristics:

1. During this year’s 618 period, the number of million-level influencers increased rapidly.

Xiaohongshu’s influencers not only showcase products but also convey their deep understanding of products and lifestyles in each live broadcast. This year, the number of influencers whose single live broadcast sales exceeded one million was three times that of last year.

2. High-quality creators across the internet are gradually transitioning to influencers on Xiaohongshu.

Whether they are new-style influencers, internet-wide content creators, or ordinary bloggers with small fan bases, they can all succeed as influencers on Xiaohongshu. The influencer ecosystem in Xiaohongshu is becoming richer and more diverse. Influencers with different styles, professional backgrounds, and strengths can provide more value to users and offer more choices for merchants.

3. During this year’s 618 period, merchant shop live broadcasts were very active, with shop broadcast GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) reaching five times that of the same period last year.

Today, Xiaohongshu is enriching shop live broadcast content based on the foundation of influencer and live-streaming e-commerce, forming a parallel development model of influencer and shop live broadcasts. Xiaohongshu’s overall shop live broadcasts show three characteristics: high repurchase rate, low return rate, and high customer unit price. Shop live broadcasts have become an important path for merchants to operate on Xiaohongshu.

Some merchants in Xiaohongshu e-commerce first collaborate with influencers to expand their reputation and sales, then start shop live broadcasts to maintain user reputation and meet purchasing needs, forming a dual development of influencer and shop live broadcasts for stable and continuous operation.

Other merchants directly leverage notes, live broadcasts, and group chats to continuously accumulate precise users, guide them to the live broadcast room for conversion, and retain users in private domain communities.

2024 Xiaohongshu Operational Trend Analysis

Xiaohongshu has become the preferred platform for Chinese consumers to make shopping decisions. Before entering the shopping phase, consumers often have already made their purchasing decisions on Xiaohongshu.

Data shows that 88% of users on Xiaohongshu actively search, and search terms are becoming longer, with more than seven-word detailed searches increasing. Typically, Xiaohongshu users make a purchase after reading 25 notes.

4 topics of 2024 Xiaohongshu Operational Trend Analysis

On Xiaohongshu, the “product x seeding x channel” has become a new marketing model, emphasizing the combination of product quality and recommendation effect. To gain traffic and achieve commercialization on Xiaohongshu, it is essential to understand the platform’s operational trends.

As China’s professional digital marketing experts, STAiiRS offers the following recommendations for international brands and e-commerce brands to successfully market on Xiaohongshu in 2024:

1. “Product Seeding” 

“Product Seeding” is a long-term operation requiring strategic planning and systematic execution, adhering to the concept of “integrating product effectiveness.”

On Xiaohongshu it can be divided into four steps: scientific insight, goal setting, content placement, and effectiveness measurement.

In terms of effectiveness measurement, it is important to focus on crowd penetration, content penetration, and business growth. High-quality content and stable traffic are key to Impulse Marketing. Brands, agencies, and service providers need to work closely together.

Brands should create high-quality, authentic, and emotionally resonant content to attract and retain users. The power of UGC (User Generated Content) is significant. Brands can encourage users to share their usage experiences on Xiaohongshu and offer appropriate rewards to enhance content authenticity and attractiveness.

2. Promotion 

Based on the characteristics of the Xiaohongshu platform, brands need to utilize a comprehensive commercial product matrix. This approach empowers brands effectively. Brands can use tools such as “Juguang,” “Pugongying,” and “Lingxi” on Xiaohongshu. These tools help efficiently gain insights into demand, spread content, and optimize placements.

By combining high-quality content with wide exposure, brands can leverage both branding and paid ads. Precise targeting and efficient conversion are also crucial. This involves customer information collection and e-commerce promotion. These strategies enable brands to achieve comprehensive growth in Xiaohongshu.

Moreover, Xiaohongshu offers various entry points, such as search and Infeed ads. Each entry point has unique features. They can precisely reach target groups in different scenarios.

3. Xiaohongshu Live E-commerce

Xiaohongshu’s data analysis tool can accurately target users, achieving effective marketing live e-commerce.

Using the powerful tool of live-streaming, brands can interact with users in real time, increasing user stickiness and brand loyalty. Inviting influencers and celebrities to live broadcasts can attract more viewers, and enhance the appeal and effectiveness of the live broadcast, thereby promoting brand growth and sales increase.

4. Branding

In Xiaohongshu, brands should focus on the emotional value brought by products and services.  Conveying the emotional value behind products through story marketing can effectively touch users’ hearts.

Brands should also actively participate in Xiaohongshu community activities to establish emotional connections with users, enhancing the brand’s reputation. Regularly organizing online and offline activities and interacting with users can increase brand exposure and user stickiness.

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