What is WeChat Pay?

WeChat Pay is a mobile payment service integrated into Tencent’s WeChat social app in China. It allows users to make online payments and offline QR code payments directly within the WeChat app. By 2022, the number of users of WeChat, including its international version, had reached 1 billion.

In 2023, WeChat Pay’s influence in cross-border commerce continued to grow. In 2024, the outbound tourism industry saw nearly a 240% increase in overseas offline consumption completed through WeChat. It provides secure and convenient online payment services for international users and businesses.

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What Products Does WeChat Pay Offer?

What Products Does WeChat Pay Offer?

1. QR Code Payment

QR code payment is the most common daily payment method in China. Users can scan a merchant’s “payment code” to complete transactions. It is suitable for offline scenarios such as supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, hospitals, schools, cinemas, and tourist attractions.

2. Mini Program Payment

Merchants and users can set up payment windows within WeChat Mini Programs. This function is enabled by default for merchants who choose the Mini Program scene during registration. Other merchants can apply for it via the Merchant Platform.

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3. In-App Payment

In-app payment allows merchants to integrate it within their mobile applications using an SDK. It is suitable for mobile apps needing WeChat Pay functionality.

4. Face Recognition Payment

Face recognition payment lets users make payments by scanning their faces using devices with facial recognition capabilities. It is convenient and fast, and suitable for offline locations such as supermarkets, restaurants, convenience stores, hospitals, and schools.

5. JSAPI Payment

JSAPI payment allows merchants to invoke the module via the JSAPI interface. Application scenarios include:

  • Official Account Payment: Users complete payments within a WeChat official account.
  • PC Website Payment: Users scan a QR code on a website to open a payment page in the WeChat browser.
  • Offline Locations: Merchants generate QR codes that users scan to complete payments in the WeChat browser.

PC Website Payment: Users scan a QR code on a website to open a payment page in the WeChat browser.

6. Native Payment

Native payment allows merchants to generate a payment QR code following the protocols. Users complete payments by scanning the code with WeChat. This method is suitable for PC websites, physical store items, or media ads.

Who is Using WeChat Pay Today?

1. Business Users

WeChat Pay is widely used across various industries in China, from small vendors to large e-commerce platforms. 

  • Restaurants, cafes, and bars allow customers to quickly check out via QR codes, meeting the fast-paced needs of the dining industry. 
  • In the tourism sector, businesses like hotels, airlines, and travel agencies use it to attract and serve Chinese customers. 
  • Public service providers, telecom companies, and streaming services integrate it to handle regular bills. 
  • The transportation industry, including taxis and public transit systems, also accepts it.

For small businesses, WeChat Pay’s efficient payment functions and integrated marketing tools are easy to use and operate.

2. Consumer Users

Most Chinese people use WeChat Pay for daily transactions because it is convenient and fast. Young people born in the digital age prefer WeChat as it is integrated into the core social and online shopping tool, WeChat. Chinese tourists abroad also tend to use WeChat.

Which Businesses Benefit from WeChat Pay?

WeChat Pay is an excellent choice for e-commerce platforms, providing convenient and secure payments and being the best option for cross-border transactions. It helps e-commerce businesses attract more Chinese customers.

Benefits of WeChat Pay for Merchants

WeChat Pay is the most widely used payment platform among Chinese users worldwide. Accepting Wechat in your store simplifies currency conversion, allows unlimited spending, and offers special promotions. Merchants can settle transactions in various currencies, such as Euros, benefiting from favorable exchange rates. WeChat integrates with numerous marketing platforms, supporting official account stores, mini-program stores, apps, websites, H5, and offline QR code payments.

Benefits of WeChat Pay for Merchants

Questions About WeChat Pay

1. Can I use WeChat Pay without a Chinese bank card

Yes, international users can bind an international payment card to WeChat for payments. 

How to use WeChat Pay👉:https://staiirs.com/how-to-use-your-wechat-pay/

2. Which platforms can apply for WeChat cross-border payment?

Supported platforms include official account stores, mini-program stores, apps, websites, H5, and offline QR code payments.

3. What currency will I receive if my Chinese customers pay in RMB?

You can choose the settlement currency (e.g., EUR, USD, GBP, CHF) when setting up your WeChat account.

4. Are there fees for using WeChat Pay to purchase goods or services?

Certain transaction types incur fees, such as a 1-2% fee for purchasing goods and services.

5. In which countries is WeChat accepted, and which currencies are supported?

WeChat Pay is accepted in 252 countries and regions, supporting 26 currencies, including USD, HKD, JPY, THB, EUR, GBP, CAD, KRW, AUD, SGD, NZD, RUB, CHF, SEK, DKK, NOK, AED, TRY, MOP, TWD, CZK, MYR, PHP, IDR, MNT, and QAR.

In which countries is WeChat accepted, and which currencies are supported?

Register for a WeChat public account and a Mini Program, then bind the Mini Program ID to the merchant account in the WeChat backend. Use the Mini Program payment product to handle transactions.

WeChat allows mobile applications to integrate payment functions through its open platform. Developers must configure the app’s package name and signature and bind the app ID to the sub-merchant ID. The app ID is used as a parameter when initiating a payment request. WeChat supports iOS, Android, and Windows Phone systems.


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