Be prudent when you are sending a post on Chinese social media platforms. An important adjustment will be applied on Chinese social platforms that requires real-name authentication. Users’ IP addresses will be displayed in their post, after the user’s nickname.

Chinese social networks display users’ IP addresses

China’s major social platforms such as Weibo, TikTok, RED (Xiaohongshu), WeChat official account, bilibili, Douban, Toutiao, Zhihu, etc, will add the function of displaying a user’s IP address.

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Chinese social media : displaying location data

User’s location will be automatically displayed (country, province) in the last post or comment. This function can not be activated or closed manually.

In addition, Weibo and Tiktok, two important KOL platforms in China, will display influencers’ MCN names. The purpose announced is to standardize netizen manner of communication and maintain a good community ecology.

Social media update in China : Internet users are angry

Identity authentication is an important step for Chinese popular social media platforms to supervise cyberspeak. It also arouses great dissatisfaction among netizens.

Some consider this measure as a privacy violation, laying an embargo on free speech and finally restrain growth of online business on chinese market.

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