More and more international brands are realizing that creating a Wechat is a necessary step in marketing in China. Let’s learn more about WeChat and WeChat Official Account.

What is WeChat ?

Today in China, WeChat has 1.299 billion monthly active users, making it the most powerful social tool in the country. So why do Chinese people love WeChat so much?

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WeChat : an all-in-one tool with powerful features


Not only can users send SMS messages, voice message and video chat with friends, but you can also start group chats or random chats with strangers.


Share photos, videos, articles, etc. Friends can like and comment on them, a combination of Facebook and Ins.

Online payments : WeChat Pay

In China, both high-end shopping malls in big cities and vegetable vendors in rural towns support WeChat QR code payment. Users can pay phone bills, utility bills, internet bills, buy insurance, donate money, order take-out, buy movie tickets, rent apartments and submit administrative information directly within WeChat.

WeChat Official Account

WeChat users can subscribe and then read articles and search for the information they need.

WeChat mini-programs

Miniprogram is a tool to help users solve problems efficiently. Users can use it directly within the WeChat App, simply by scanning the code or searching, without having to jump to the web and leave WeChat or download other apps, to find the information they want, read articles, watch short videos, play games, self-service or even make online purchases.

Video Channel

Wechat Channel is a short video platform launched by WeChat, which allows users to browse videos and watch live streaming.

Open Wechat-Store

Merchants can set up their own stores in WeChat to sell their goods, which is a very convenient function for merchants.

One of the most interesting features is WeChat Official Account, as it directly facilitates the marketing of many brands in the WeChat ecosystem, and can directly reach end-users and potential consumers to maximize marketing efficiency.

What is a WeChat Official Account?

WeChat Official Account is an official account registered on WeChat for businesses to publish articles, images, voice and video on the WeChat platform for the purpose of communicating and interacting with target groups in a comprehensive manner. Forming an efficient and unique interactive marketing method, Wechat official accounts are divided into the following two account type.

Service Account

It provides business services and user management and other service functions for enterprises and organizations, such as brand customer service, bank card services, telephone customer service, airline and railroad traffic information inquiries.

Target User: Media, enterprises, government or other organizations.

Number of releases : Service Account can send 4 articles in 1 month.

Subscription Account

It provides a new way of expanding influence for media and individuals. The main function is to use the WeChat platform to convey information to users, a function similar to newspapers and magazines, providing news and information or entertainment for everyone.

Applicable people: Individuals, media, enterprises, government or other organizations.

The frequency: subscription Account can send 1 article in 1 day.

We recommend foreign companies to give priority to applying for the Service Account because the customer service function of this type of account is more powerful and can realize direct communication with customers and monitor data to understand the market dynamics and adjust the future marketing direction in time.

Why should I apply for a WeChat Official Account? 

Firstly, in China, WeChat has a very large and loyal user base, and Chinese people need to use WeChat every day.

Secondly, it is a reflection of authority for brands to have a certified WeChat Official Account. Chinese users are not used to paying directly on companies’ websites, so when they look for brand information, they will search for relevant content directly on WeChat, and the presence of WeChat Official Account can make the brand’s image more professional and reliable.

There are many advantages for companies to use WeChat. 

  1. Subscribers are consumers or potential consumers, so it can target precisely,  and the message can be 100% delivered.
  2. Save marketing costs for enterprises, and push a variety of content, including videos, graphics, etc.
  3. In line with users’ Internet usage habits, WeChat is highly popular and frequently used, and the content is extremely easy to spread in the Moment and group chat.
  4. If it makes users have a good service experience, it is more conducive to cultivating core users.
  5. Users can contact the brand and customer service directly through WeChat Official Account, which improves the efficiency of customer service and increases user viscosity.

How do I apply for a WeChat Official Account?

Even if you do not have a physical company in China, it is possible to set up step by step a WeChat Official Account and have your WeChat signal certified.

The registration steps are as follows.

  1. Go to WeChat official website to register an account, here you don’t need a Chinese cell phone number, you just need an email address to register.
  2. After registration, WeChat will ask you to provide your company’s certificate and other related documents.
  3. After submitting the relevant documents, you will need to pay a certification fee of 300 RMB and it will need to be renewed every year. 

It is important to note that you need to pay the certification fee by WeChat, which does not support bank transfer. If you do not have the means to pay by WeChat, you can contact Wechat agency and STAiiRS team can help you to open a WeChat Official Account, as well as WeChat account certification and other procedures.

How to run a WeChat Official Account? (best practices) 

It is not difficult to set up an account. The operation of the WeChat Official Account is the biggest challenge, because with zero users and zero exposure, an effective and low-cost operation requires extremely high quality content, which is very demanding for professional marketers.

Brand Positioning

The initial positioning of the WeChat Official Account can play a big role in the long-term development of the brand. Only a clear and correct positioning of the WeChat Official Account can update the content and carry out activities in specific areas in the future, and this is also the deepest impression of the brand by subscribers.

Audience Analysis

After determining the target group, we can understand their consumption psychology, consumption habits and Internet usage habits. In addition, today’s life in China is very fast-paced, and most users use fragmented time to read, which requires that public articles must be written in a detailed and easy to understand format.


It is important for the team to discuss and create a long-term plan to build the framework and create content based on the needs and characteristics of the brand. This way, you can avoid creating content that deviates from the topic or leaves out key points.

Following “ hot topics” of society

This is a common method for many brands to market, as social hot events can grasp users’ attention in the shortest time. This requires marketers to have a deep knowledge and understanding of Chinese society and people, a high degree of sensitivity to Chinese culture, and an extremely high level of creative ability.

Supporting graphics and typography

In addition to the writing, the form in which the marketing content is presented to the public cannot be ignored. Each publishing must be aesthetically designed, as it best reflects the brand’s image; and a beautiful design can brighten up readers’ eyes and achieve better marketing results.

Keyword optimization

Since WeChat is a very large ecology, many users are used to using it as a search engine, so the article content must be optimized with keywords, which can improve its exposure, but also the readers can quickly understand the main content.

With Mini-programs and Video Channel(click for more details

For some brands’ audiences, graphics can no longer fully satisfy their needs. Companies should use WeChat Video and mini-programs that can bring better marketing results.

We believe you now have a more comprehensive understanding of WeChat Official Account;  go and start action! Create your own WeChat Official Account for your brand and create content to start the first step towards the Chinese market!

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