With the rapid development of digitization, digital payments are reshaping the way we live our daily lives. In China, as one of the global leaders in mobile payment, this technology has deeply penetrated into people’s daily lives, covering various life scenarios, and has become indispensable to both local residents and international tourists. In this article, STAiiRS will take you to deeply explore the impact of digital payment on foreigners and how to use it conveniently in mainland China.

Can foreigners use WeChat Pay?

Yes, foreigners can use WeChat Pay even if you are not a Chinese citizen or permanent resident of China. You only need to download and install the WeChat mobile application first, and register an account to log in. Once you log in to the app, you can bind your credit cards (including Visa, Mastercard and other international card organizations, view the article Foreigners in China Can Now Access WeChat Pay with Overseas Cards), provide the necessary identity information for verification, and complete the relevant steps.

4 steps to set up WeChat Pay

  1. Open WeChat and tap on the “Me” panel.

While on your personal page, you will see the “Services” option; tap on it to access WeChat Pay.

  1. Set your payment methods.

Tap on the “Wallet” icon in the upper right corner to add your bank card.

  1. Input your bank card details.

Select the “Cards” option to add new bank card information.

  1. Complete the necessary information.

Follow the on-screen prompts to complete identity verification and bank card verification, successfully setting up WeChat Pay.

How to use WeChat Pay when making payment?

Payment Instructions:

  • Method 1: Open the WeChat app, click on the “Me” panel, select “Services”, you can find “Money” in the upper left corner, click to enter, your QR code will appear, merchants can scan your QR code, then complete the transaction.

  • Method 2: Open the WeChat app, in the “Chats” panel, click the “+” sign in the upper right corner, select “Scan”, and then you can scan the merchant’s QR code to make payment and complete the transaction.

Here, your choices differ based on what the employee has at their disposal. The first option involves displaying your QR code for them to scan, completing the transaction. Alternatively, the second option is to scan the merchant’s QR code, which they will present to you. 


Focusing on security and reliability, WeChat Pay can cover all your daily payment needs while protecting your financial information.

Unlike many Western countries where smart payment options are still not widely available, China has fully embraced the technology. WeChat Pay has become widely accepted and has actually become the main payment method, particularly beneficial for foreign tourists visiting China or overseas individuals working in the country.

In China, modern virtual payment methods have become widely popular, and physical cash is gradually withdrawing from the stage. To ensure that you are ready for this change, STAiiRS digital marketing experts are proficient in the application of China’s WeChat Pay and can help you smoothly and quickly adapt to the convenience brought by China’s mobile payment.