In China, people don’t use Google for online searching , so what is the most effective search engine advertising ?

Answer : Baidu Ads

I. What is Baidu Ads/PPC ?

Baidu is the largest search engine in China and one of the most popular search platforms used by Chinese web users, with more than 200 million daily users. Not to mention the billions of search requests and the over 100 million users browsing Baidu’s information stream every day. Baidu provides its customers with a full range of product advertising resources, covering the entire life scenario of users. It is undoubtedly a huge traffic pool and marketing treasure trove.

In China, PPC and SEO complement each other. Successful SEM generates more visitor traffic from search engine results pages (SERPS) to websites.

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Baidu has both free and paid promotion (PPC) methods. But for international brands, to promote their products through Baidu, paid ads /PPC is the most effective choice , so let’s learn more about Baidu paid advertising.

II. 4 forms of paid advertising on Baidu

Baidu Search advertising

When users use keywords to search on Baidu, Baidu can display relevant ads on the first page of its search results. Brands only need to pay for the user’s clicks. If the ad is only displayed but not clicked, the brand does not have to pay for it.

Baidu news feed

Baidu’s news feed is an original form of advertising that appears naturally in relevant content of users‘ interest. Baidu News Feed advertisements can analyze users’ search history, users’ interests, or hobbies, and accurately push relevant information that the users care about. This can not only reduce the cost of advertising but also help advertisers get more accurate users. This form of advertising is more accessible to users and less intrusive.

Baidu Brand Zone

Brand promotion will appear in the first search result when users search for the brand. There is a large image to show the brand; this way can fully demonstrate the authenticity of the enterprise and brand image on the chinese market, and is an effective way to enhance brand awareness and approach accurate users.

Baidu Union Online Advertising Network

Baidu unites over 600,000 high-quality alliance websites to form a promotion platform (Baidu Union) that helps brands target potential users across a variety of Baidu-operated/owned search products and applications. By analyzing target audience’s demographics, location and browsing history, Baidu’s algorithms determine where and how ads are shown. Baidu Union’s ad formats can be banners, text links, videos, full-screen etc. Similar to the work process of Google Adsense, Within Baidu Union, ads’ price, format and position are decided by content sites.

III. Why use Baidu ads for marketing in China ?

If international brands want to promote their products and services to Chinese users and build a good brand image, they must choose a promotion method and a powerful platform that Chinese consumers trust. In this aspect, Baidu ads have an advantage that no other platform can match.


Baidu’s AI technology and big data analyze users’ interests based on their search history. Baidu algorithm allows brands to identify and isolate the Baidu users that are directly relevant to their business. Baidu has big data that tracks users’ interests and characteristics. international brands can leverage this big data through audience target bidding when creating ads so that ads appear only when targeted users search brands’ keywords.


Brands are able to keep track of all data, such as traffic and money flow, and adjust keywords in time according to the results.

Baidu’s analytics platform allows brands to track incoming traffic, visitor behavior, and see where users are coming from. Similar to Google Analytics, it’s also a powerful reporting tool that allows brands to learn more about which advertisements drive the most traffic, conversions, and best ROI.

Time saving

Big data not only helps brands to acquire users quickly and shorten the path for users to get information & approach brands, but also shortens products’ sales path, providing the most convenient sales channel for customers.

Personalized, flexible and controllable 

Baidu allows users to set budgets on both the account level and the campaign level. This offers control for marketers, according to the needs of various brands, ads can be placed in different regions and time slots, and the daily and weekly promotion expenses can also be adjusted according to the brand’s budget.

Baidu platform has set up a Baidu brand zone, which is a promotion method tailored for enterprises to promote their brands. The advertising position is ranked first in the search results of Baidu; as long as the user enters the search keyword about the brand, advertising will display, which is conducive to brand promotion.

IV. What effects can brands achieve with Baidu paid advertising /PPC ?

1 – Baidu Brand Zone : Wide exposure

Baidu Brand Zone is a large format ad triggered by branded search terms – a branded search ad format with no Google equivalent. Brand Zone ads take over the whole top section of the search results, providing advertisers with a high-impact visual experience. 

2 – Baidu Brand Zone : trust

Through the promotion of Baidu brand advertising, it can help advertisers establish their brand image and reputation among users, rendering a sense of authority and trustworthiness to the public. 

In the Baidu brand zone, brands can display the relevant advertising information in the front of the official website, helping advertisers to maintain the brand’s prestige position.

3 – Baidu Brand Zone : shorten information arrival path

Baidu Brand Zone ads display company details alongside product images and links to websites where searchers can make purchases. For brands, this format is a way to ensure more people visit their official website. It can shorten the sales path of the product and provide a convenient sales channel.

IV. Which industries use the most Baidu advertising ?

There are a variety of Baidu advertising promotion methods that suit the advertising promotion needs of each industry. All industries can use the Baidu PPC to increase the attention of their brand and product.

Although Baidu paid ads (Baidu PPC) relies on the advertiser’s financial budget and it is easy to get a better ranking with a high price, blindly investing does not necessarily achieve the best sales target. It requires professionals to carry out account operations, select keywords, analyze data, organize and arrange advertising content and integrate all factors within a marketing plan. Only then can you achieve the highest exposure and conversion rate with the lowest price.

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