It is widely known that video marketing has become a very important marketing tool in China. Everyone is familiar with Douyin, but there is another very important platform: WeChat Video Channel.

1. What is WeChat Video Channel?

WeChat Video Channel is a new video platform launched by WeChat in 2020, with basic functions similar to those of Douyin.

As the WeChat Video Channel is directly embedded in the WeChat app, all WeChat users can directly access the WeChat Video Channel. As a result, its daily activity has already reached 450 million, becoming the second largest short video platform after Douyin.

Users can share the videos directly with their friends on WeChat or in their Moments, which is a very convenient feature compared to other short video platforms.

In addition to this, WeChat Video Channel allows the publication of videos up to 30 minutes in length. This is very advantageous for brands in order to publish official and professional content.

The live streaming function of WeChat Video Channel is even more convenient and can display corporate news, product presentations and product sales directly to users.

2. Why is WeChat Channel the most trendy choice for marketing in China?

2.1 Large user base

With 1.299 billion monthly active users, WeChat basically covers all age groups and all geographical areas, including older people and people living in remote areas. This is an advantage that no other social network platform in China provides and allow companies to target audience with precision.

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2.2 Precise content distribution algorithm

When you open the WeChat Video Channel, the first thing that appears is the videos that your friends have liked, because WeChat emphasizes the social function. The videos that your friends have liked are probably relevant to you, and you will have a stronger interest in them, making it easier for brands to achieve the purpose of precise targeting and effective communication.

2.3 Relaxing atmosphere

The long-term goal of a WeChat Video Channel account is to make users engage with recommended content. This requires the platform to have the ability to convey professional content, which is difficult to achieve with too short videos or an overly entertaining atmosphere.

2.4 High user retention rate

Unlike other short-form video platforms that might be uninstalled when users lose interest in them. WeChat is essential in the life of every Chinese person (it allows them to communicate with friends and family, work, read news, order takeaway, buy movie tickets and pay electricity bills).Chinese users are highly dependent on Wechat,and it is impossible for them to delete it.

2.5 Closely linked to WeChat Official Account

WeChat Video Channel has huge potential commercial value, and it can direct traffic to WeChat Official Account and WeChat Mini-Program. It is possible to add links to the company’s WeChat Official Account directly below the videos, allowing the brand’s WeChat to increase exposure. This helps companies to close their business loop.

2.6 Fast spread speed

Users are free to share information about WeChat Video Channel with their friends or groups, which can help brands increase exposure and expand their potential consumer base.

3. How to create a WeChat Video Channel?

The creation of a WeChat Video Channel is not complicated, it is sufficient to have a WeChat public account to register, and to go through the authentication process.

There are two ways to certify a company: 

  • If the company already has a certified WeChat Official Account, then it is directly linked to the WeChat Video Channel; the account owner can scan the code, and thus complete the authentication.
  • If the company doesn’t have a WeChat Official Account (how to create a WeChat Official Account?), but if companies want to have a WeChat Video Channel, they have to go to the “Video Channel Assistant”, apply for the authentication, submit the business license and other documents, and pay a 300 RMB fee to obtain the certification.


Many employees use their own private WeChat accounts to help companies register. However, once registered, if they leave the company, the account handover is a troublesome issue. Because the WeChat Video Channel and the WeChat account are connected, there is no way to unbind them.

Therefore, when registering a WeChat Video Channel for a company, we recommend not to use the employee’s personal account, but rather use the WeChat account under the company’s name for authentication.

4. How to run a WeChat Video Channel?

After creating a branded channel, companies can start their marketing activities. During the operational process, companies should always focus on three objectives: promoting the channel, interacting with users and achieving results

These three goals may seem simple, but they require a systematic and professional approach and mindset, which represents a limit for many companies. What they lack is often not technical staff or good products, but an idea and a systematic marketing plan, which includes a series of contents such as the account set up, positioning, operation and promotion of the Video Channel.

4.1 WeChat Video Channel positioning

A successful branded WeChat Video Channel must have a three-dimensional, positive corporate image. Operators need to focus on four aspects: the image the channel conveys, the atmosphere it leads users in, the personality it shows to customers, and the concept it delivers.

Once the positioning is clear, no matter whether it is a B2B or B2C business, whether it is a product for children or for the elderly, companies can easily maximize the impact of the subsequent content marketing.

4.2 WeChat Video Channel style

In the Chinese market, whether it comes to product advertisement on WeChat Video Channel, (high-end or common style), brand-conveyed images need to be consistent and have iconic covers and logos, captions, etc. This not only provides a better viewing experience for the audience, but also helps to promote the brand and enhance its professional image.

4.3 Wechat Video Channel marketing content

The first thing that needs to be clarified is that the purpose of a company’s WeChat Video Channel is not to make a profit, but to build brand image, to perfect the company’s WeChat ecosystem and to enhance user retention. Therefore, brands need to develop a suitable and detailed content plan, taking into account the characteristics of the community and brand’s promotional target. 

In fact, in a Chinese market flooded with content, quality video content and sophisticated operations are very important. Operators need to have a keen sense of the market, a good understanding of the preferences of different WeChat user groups and social trends, be skilled in script writing, post-editing, voiceover and music, choice of captions and frequency of posting. This is the only way to deliver a branding campaign, a celebrity campaign, an official event or a fun video that is consistent with the brand culture and captures the interest of the audience.

4.4 Additional WeChat Video Channel features

If a brand wants to interact more with consumers or encourage users to participate in a particular activity, they can use the “launch activity” (“发起活动”) function.

5. WeChat Channel e-commerce function

5.1 WeChat Video Channel Live Streaming

Live streaming is now the most popular way to sell goods in China, with countless businesses looking for a good platform for this purpose. WeChat follows the trend and since October 2020, WeChat Video Channel has an additional new feature – live streaming.

The most powerful feature of WeChat Live is that it can be used to extend the reach of the user’s friends/family through its ‘friend like’ feature.

Before live streaming, WeChat Channel needs to attract audiences by informing users of some details of the live show: such as guests, products and time. After acquiring some traffic in the live room, it is also possible to direct viewers to follow the brand’s account, to participate in the following events through links, QR codes and announcements etc.

This will be effective in keeping and converting users due to WeChat’s high user retention rate.

WeChat Video Channel also has a functional advantage: its “appointment + reminder” feature is more effective as Chinese users open WeChat very frequently every day.

5.2 WeChat Video Channel mini-shop

This year, on July 21, 2022, WeChat launched the Video Channel mini-shop, another major feature of the WeChat Video Channel and gradually optimized its display windows. Now, the Video Channel mini shop has become an essential part in the WeChat closed ecosystem. For brand merchants and users alike, the Video Channel mini shop has many advantages: it is possible to sell while broadcasting, and combined with the convenient WeChat Pay, it enables users to greatly shorten the process from entering the live room to paying.

Nowadays, brands have also started to pay attention to the creation of Wechat Video Channel mini shops. In fact, to bring goods in the Wechat Video Channel, whether you are a B2B or B2C merchant, there is no way to bypass the Wechat Channel mini shop.

From the above information we understand that WeChat Video Channel is a marketing tool that cannot be ignored by international brands in their social media strategy in China. 

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