If you are planning to enter the Chinese market, then you must have heard of WeChat, a Chinese social network with over 1 billion daily active users. WeChat advertising is one of the essential strategies for brand development in the Chinese market. So why choose WeChat advertising and how to place WeChat advertising? STAiiRS takes you to find out.

Chinese consumer groups and social environments are very different from Western culture. Most international brands choose WeChat marketing as the first step in brand promotion in the Chinese consumer market. Whether through WeChat official accounts, mini-programs or Moment ads, WeChat provides international brands with powerful tools that allow them to better adapt to the needs of the Chinese market.

3 Reasons to Advertise on Wechat 

  • Huge user base: There are more than 1 billion monthly active users, aged between 15 and 40 years old, covering a wide range of industries and fields. The coverage rate of core user groups in first-tier cities can reach 90%.
  • Targeted and accurate delivery: Due to its huge user database, the WeChat data analysis platform will judge the fit between advertising types and customers based on users’ daily search preferences, and carry out precise advertising placement for each user to ensure that the advertising effectively reaches each target customer.
  • WeChat ecosystem closed-loop: WeChat integrates instant messaging, social networking, entertainment, shopping, payment and other functions into one, and its multifaceted services form an interrelated and seamless closed-loop system, which provides more data support, precise positioning and diversified marketing channels for marketing.

So, How does advertising work on Wechat?

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3 formats of Wechat Advertising

  1. Official Account

WeChat official account advertising is based on the WeChat platform ecosystem and is a content advertisement displayed in four advertising resource slots, including the bottom of the article, the middle of the article, mutual selection ads and video clips, in a form similar to the content of the official account article. Chinese netizens usually read articles through WeChat official accounts to obtain industry information, brand stories, product introductions, etc. Therefore, for brands, based on WeChat’s huge user base and users’  usage habits, it provides advertisers with massive exposure opportunities.

  1. Moments ads

When the user is within the scope of potential customers covered by the advertisement, it will appear in the customer’s Moments, a nature advertisement displayed on the page in the form of a post in the Moments.  Moments advertising is a unique form of promotion and marketing for Chinese social media platforms. For brands entering the Chinese market, through WeChat data analysis and Internet traffic integration, using WeChat to advertise can quickly gain exposure within the target customer base in a short period of time.

Case sharing:

JD.com is one of China’s largest e-commerce platforms and is widely praised among Chinese consumers for its efficient logistics services and reliable product quality. The example shows the presentation of JD.com’s feeds ad in Moments. The advertising content is embedded in the Moments page in a form similar to personal user-generated content, allowing users to get a more comfortable viewing experience when browsing Moments and reducing resistance to the advertising. It allows users to interact more directly with advertising content, such as clicking on links, viewing products, entering stores to make purchases, etc., thus increasing conversion rates and sales.

Moments ad example

  1. Mini-program

WeChat mini-programs are programs built into the WeChat platform. Users can seamlessly jump to the brand’s mini-programs without downloading an additional app. For brands, the cost of advertising on mini-programs is relatively low. With intelligent data targeting, more potential target customers can participate in brand activities and the brand achieves ideal exposure.

Case sharing:

Watch and jewelry brand Cartier has partnered with WeChat for advertising, bringing innovative marketing methods to the brand. Cartier uses video style to present products in mini-program advertisements with novel advertising content and interesting sliding forms. The consumer groups in China’s luxury goods market are gradually changing. Cartier emphasizes its “younger” positioning and integrates design styles and promotion forms to better connect with young consumer groups.


In China, the spread of word-of-mouth is very important. Due to the huge user base, a good or bad word-of-mouth can be quickly spread on Chinese social network platforms. Chinese consumers are more inclined to believe in the evaluation of products by ordinary users rather than celebrities or influencers. Endorsements and positive reviews from users can highlight products and brands in a short period of time, creating impulse consumption for purchases.

Through the WeChat platform, brands can accurately locate target audiences, achieve personalized communication and marketing, and at the same time use users’ social influence to expand brand exposure in a short period of time. 

If you are planning to develop in the Chinese market, please contact STAiiRS China digital marketing experts to develop a personalized WeChat advertising marketing plan for you.