Sogou was once the second largest search engine in China, ranking after Baidu. The Sogou product family includes Sogou Input Method Editor, Sogou Search and Sogou Map, which are well known to Chinese people.

However, people in line on the Chinese web market know that Sogou has been merged by Tencent and its Search App is already offline.

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A global phenomenon that affects Internet companies

Many Chinese Internet products have gone offline this year, showing that the Internet has entered a period of reshuffle, Internet companies are competing fiercely, and cost reduction and efficiency has become the priority.

Two giant natural traffic platforms, WeChat and Douyin (TikTok), have taken most of the market share of Chinese search engines. Consequently, internauts change their web browser from Baidu and Sogou to WeChat and Douyin (TikTok).

Another reason for Sogou’s off-line is that WeChat search results have included those of Sogou search. So the retreat of Sogou might be the way that was expected.

What future for Chinese search engines ?

In the near future, Chinese internauts’ search method might be shifted to graphic/video search. What do you think of this trend ?

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