1. Why do luxury lingerie brands want to expand in China?

With a market size of RMB 123.9 billion in 2020 and a forecast of up to RMB 174.6 billion in 2026, China’s lingerie industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, driven by the changing importance of aesthetics among young urban Chinese women.

However, in terms of brand distribution, China’s women’s lingerie industry is relatively fragmented, with no clear brand classification and little differentiation in consumers’ minds. 

Luxury brands are unique businesses: they have to successfully balance the preservation of the noble aspect they have established in their home country with communication and awareness in the country they are entering. Therefore, it is wise for these brands to use digital media to reach their target audience.

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2. How to market luxury lingerie brands in China?

The marketing approach

In China, the “long and short” approach is an effective way to market luxury lingerie. On the one hand, brands need long-term marketing to communicate their philosophy; on the other hand, the products they sell need to successfully create buzz to reach their target audience quickly and effectively.


The content shared must emphasize the positioning of the brand (high-end, niche, etc.) while highlighting the ergonomics of the product. It is also important to follow the trends that are part of the daily life of young Chinese women, and to write content that echoes their convictions.

Digital platforms

First of all, it is necessary to know the different social networks used by Chinese consumers, and to understand their usage habits. 

Xiaohongshu/Little Red Book

Little Red Book is a word-of-mouth social media that attracts a large number of young women. These young women have a high level of education and income, live in big cities, lead a refined life, and have a strong desire to share and buy. This is undoubtedly the most important platform for high-end lingerie brands. 

Brands can use Little Red Book to do content marketing in a variety of ways. For example, they can create an official account, use KOLs/KOCs to get diverse content, share lingerie reviews, etc.

Moreover, on Little Red Book, brands can observe real-time data to understand the needs of their potential consumers, and thus adapt their communication to successfully stand out in the competitive Chinese market.


WeChat is the largest social media in China and is very powerful. Since it gathers a lot of users, it is an indispensable marketing tool. 

Creating an official public account on WeChat is a necessary step for all brands entering the Chinese market. When Chinese people hear about a new or little-known brand, they check WeChat to see what content is posted on the brand’s official account to judge its reliability.

On WeChat, brands can use their account to post product information, broadcast live content, manage customer service, etc. This builds customer trust and increases customer loyalty, which is crucial for a luxury brand.


Weibo is a popular entertainment platform in China, equivalent to Twitter and Facebook, which is characterized by influential trends and the presence of many KOLs and fans. 

Compared to other social platforms, Weibo gathers many celebrities and KOLs. For luxury lingerie brands, a presence on Weibo allows them to accelerate and amplify the impact of their content. They can also use current female trends to activate their core values in the long term.

Douyin (TikTok)

In China, Douyin has a huge reach. Users can share both visual and audio content. Luxury brands can use this platform to create trending content.

As long as the content shared is of high quality, luxury brands can have a presence on Douyin without negatively impacting their brand image. For example, fashion KOLs can incorporate luxury lingerie recommendations in their vlogs, while emphasizing the beauty and romance of the lingerie brand.

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