New Opportunities in Chinese Marketing

Recently, there have been new opportunities for brand marketing in China’s music industry. More and more brands are choosing music as a breakthrough to explore new marketing territories.

Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME) shared a multidimensional marketing strategy from the music ecosystem. The platform has capabilities to content products in its annual music marketing summit, providing rich marketing resources.

Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME)

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1. The Advantages of Tencent Music Marketing in the Chinese Market

In China, music, as a medium transcending age and geography, provides brands with powerful and far-reaching emotional value. TME’s music marketing stands out for its high engagement, emotional depth, memorability, and variety.

For example, Sprite, through four years of deep collaboration with TME, created various music scene combinations such as brand albums, campus music competitions, and summer music festivals, effectively engaging with different audiences.

2. Tencent Marketing Case: OPPO FIND X7

In the first quarter of 2023, OPPO chose TME to help its new smartphone, FIND X7, stand out in the market. In the product preheating stage, OPPO conveyed the brand spirit by releasing the MV “Wide Sky” on TME’s music platform and organized a karaoke contest named after this MV. These activities not only conveyed the product concept but also significantly increased the market attention to the product.

Moreover, OPPO utilized the phone’s core selling points (satellite communication and ultra-clear zoom function) for marketing.

Tencent music Marketing Case: OPPO FIND X7

Tencent’s QQ Music hosted a large concert, inviting the well-known Chinese singer Su Xing to showcase these features.

Such as remotely connecting with fans in Xinjiang to sing “Rising Land” and using the phone to take performance photos, vividly demonstrating the product’s zoom photography function.

3. Tencent Marketing Case: Pepsi Cola

In May 2023, Pepsi Cola sponsored the online replay of two TME concerts by the renowned Chinese singer Jay Chou. As the exclusive naming sponsor, Pepsi-Cola’s brand exposure was consistent throughout. Pepsi Cola completed its brand promotion through ad inserts, brand logos, live gifts, and e-commerce entry jumps.

Tencent Music Marketing Case: Pepsi Cola

This event benefited from Jay Chou’s large fan base and the full-network promotion of Video Number and TME. It was the pre-event hype or various stages during the live performance, which were very smooth and mature.

Official data shows that before the first concert aired, the number of reservations exceeded 15 million across the network. The total viewership of the two concerts exceeded 100 million, according to statistics, setting a record for the highest online concert viewership. This brought Pepsi Cola objective brand exposure and profits.

Tencent Marketing: An Effective Tool for Music Brand Marketing

We can see that TME has adopted innovative and localized music marketing strategies and high-quality music content. This not only brings unforgettable experiences to Chinese audiences but also quickly helps multiple brands build a social image that meets their needs. Especially for international brands seeking to enter the Chinese market, TME provides an attractive platform, allowing them to connect emotionally with Chinese consumers effectively through music.

In the process of helping international brands successfully penetrate the Chinese market through music marketing, TME pays special attention to cultural differences and specific market demands. By collaborating with local Chinese artists and popular international musicians in China, they ensure that the music content is not only fresh but also in line with the cultural preferences of Chinese consumers.

This strategy not only enhances the brand’s market influence but also greatly increases consumer brand loyalty.


In summary, TME has provided brands with a clear direction in China’s complex and dynamic market through its effective music marketing strategies. Their successful cases provide valuable experience and guidance for international and domestic brands seeking success in China through music marketing in the future.

If you hope to enter the Chinese market through music marketing or learn more about music marketing, please feel free to contact our professional marketing team at Staiirs. We will provide you with the most comprehensive services.