In our previous post, we talked about how the b2b sector can use search engines for their business objectives. To maximize a digital strategy in the b2b sector in China, it is essential to integrate social media into its foundation. But then, how to use social media to succeed on the Chinese market, and more specifically WeChat?

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1. What is WeChat?

Created by Chinese giant Tencent, WeChat is one of the most popular mobile applications in China. At first, WeChat was just an instant messaging app, but it has since integrated many functions, creating a complete ecosystem. It has no equivalent in Europe, but to get an idea, it is a mix of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, Paypal and Amazon.

WeChat users can not only get in touch with friends, family and colleagues, but also read the news, play games, pay online and offline, order food, call a cab, buy transport tickets…

2. The advantages of WeChat Public Account for companies

With 1.2 billion users by 2022, WeChat is the largest social network in the Chinese market. Thanks to its powerful ecosystem and features, b2b brands are well advised to integrate WeChat in their marketing strategy.

Used for personal and professional purposes, WeChat allows companies to create an official account to promote their products and services. Beyond the promotional aspect, a presence on the app allows them to create a community and attract new, engaged followers.

Especially in recent years, users in the Chinese market are increasingly interested in interacting with brands on WeChat. The benefit is twofold: ease and time savings for the user, and the opportunity to control brand awareness for the company.

The Chinese consider a presence on WeChat as important as having an official website. Therefore, not having a presence on the app greatly reduces consumer confidence in one’s brand. 

In addition, if a brand has a public WeChat account, it appears directly at the top of search results when a user searches for similar content. This greatly increases a brand’s credibility and exposure. 

Beyond having a presence on the app, brands should consider working on their SEO on WeChat, in hopes of maximizing the app’s reach.

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3. WeChat Public Account features

  • Brands can use WeChat to write articles that increase their followers. Each shared article is a new opportunity to attract new customers. 
  • Content posted on WeChat is automatically indexed into Sogou (China’s second largest search engine). Thus, a search containing terms related to the products mentioned in an article will likely lead to the reading of the article in question, which will increase the brand’s notoriety and give it access to many leads.

4. How to create a WeChat public account?

To open a public account on WeChat, a company needs official certification of its WeChat account, which helps protect the brand and build users’ trust in it. Unlike a website that requires ICP certification, it is possible for a foreign company to get certified with WeChat Public Account if it is not registered in China. 

Foreign companies registered with WeChat have a limited number of features in the application. Despite this limitation, they still have access to: 

  • Adding menus to the account,
  • An automatic response feature,
  • Creating WeChat mini-programs,
  • Sending contact forms: an important aspect for the B2B sector.

The STAiiRS team has a strong background of success in the B2B sector on WeChat. Our operational team is a native Chinese speaker and has a deep understanding of the Chinese market. If you want to find out more about doing B2B business in the Chinese market, you can contact us and we will share our knowledge with you.