Zhihu 2022 Q2 results : strong growth figures

Recently, Zhihu released its first financial results for 2022 Q2 . According to the report, Zhihu’s total revenue acquired a 31% annual increase, reaching $836 million as the industry leader. Its performance exceeded market expectations.

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Zhihu : China’s leading Q&A platform

Zhihu, as China’s largest Q&A platform, brings traffic towards content of value. It has created a diversified revenue system for Q&A contributors, paid membership, commercial content solutions and other scenarios to enhance participants’ revenue.

In the Q2 2022 report, both the number and average revenue of content contributors have witnessed a strong growth year over year. With a 50% annual growth of premium contributors and a double increase of the content volume.

Zhihu’s financial results : a successful long-term strategy

These figures prove that Zhihu’s strategy is effective- valuable content contributes to business growth. Active users adhere to this social network for high quality content, making it a strategic platform for brands exposure in the Chinese market.

However, Zhihu is still in the early stage of commercialization. What do you think the future of Zhihu will be ?

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