WeChat Video Channels (Shipinhao) play a crucial role in WeChat marketing, focusing on short video creation and sharing. According to WeChat official data, the GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) of Shipinhao in e-commerce reached 100 billion yuan in 2023, with expectations of even higher growth in 2024. 

WeChat officials have expressed their commitment to promoting Video Channels e-commerce. This signifies an excellent opportunity for businesses to profit from entering this potential space.

Shipinhao can be likened to TikTok in terms of short video operations, but due to distinct regional characteristics in the Chinese e-commerce market, it cannot be simply equated with TikTok’s e-commerce model. 

In the following, STAiiRS will provide a detailed guide on how brand merchants can fully profit from the opportunities presented by Video Channels to expand their brand influence in the Chinese e-commerce market in 2024.

WeChat Video Channels E-commerce: A New Channel for Brands to Enter the Chinese E-commerce Market

WeChat Video Channels serve as a short video platform within the WeChat ecosystem, providing users with a space for creating, sharing, and discovering personalized short videos. Integrated deeply into the WeChat ecosystem, it supports more private traffic, establishing a closer relationship between brands and users.

Building upon this foundation, Shipinhao E-commerce aims to integrate e-commerce by combining short videos with shopping. Through features like live streaming and online shopping, it offers merchants diverse marketing methods, creating a more interactive e-commerce experience for consumers.

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Opportunities Brought by WeChat Video Channels in 2024

The traffic mechanism of Shipijnhao differs from that of Douyin (TikTok). Relying on the extensive user base of the WeChat social circle, Video Channels bring more traffic for brands, which is particularly beneficial for lesser-known small and medium-sized businesses. In the field of Video Channels e-commerce, WeChat offers more traffic and friendly policy support, attracting more merchants and influencers to join this big party.

WeChat Video Channels showed promising results in 2023, and WeChat officials have indicated increased investment in Video Channels e-commerce in 2024. This includes expanding product categories and introducing influencers from specific industries. This implies that new brands engaging in digital marketing on Video Channels, with platform support and influencer promotion, can establish a stronger endorsement for their brand and attract a larger target audience.

How Brands Can Increase Sales on WeChat Video Channels:

1. Live Streaming Promotion Strategy:

   – Suitable for businesses looking to quickly build brand awareness.

   – Showcase high-quality products and offer discounts during live streams to attract target users and facilitate transactions.

   – Provide significant benefits during the initial promotion phase to attract a large audience, effectively retain customers, and increase customer retention and product repurchase rates.

2. Short Video Promotion Strategy:

   – Suitable for businesses with long-term investment goals.

   – Focus on creating content for short video IPs, then promoting products. Accumulate a basic fan base by sharing contents to support a new brand entering the platform.

   – These accounts typically have stronger fan loyalty, gathering a similar fan base through emotional resonance and shared values. In the long run, this will create highly loyal fan groups, leading to sustained sales growth.

3. Launching Strategy:

   – Suitable for new businesses seeking to quickly acquire targeted consumers.

   – WeChat Video Accounts offer various advertising methods, including live stream promotions, short video promotions, and feed ads. Businesses can choose the most suitable method based on their needs.

  • Live stream promotions can attract more attention, and quickly gain more followers.
  • Short video promotions are effective for quickly attracting user clicks and follows.
  • Feed ads offer more flexible targeting options, allowing businesses to promote strategically based on target audiences and marketing strategies.


The Chinese e-commerce market is expected to continue thriving in 2024, and the significance of WeChat Video Channels E-commerce can not be ignored. To meet the diverse needs of consumers, brand merchants should employ more creative and interactive digital marketing methods, with WeChat Video Channels E-commerce serving as an ideal platform to fulfill these requirements.

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