First of all, happy new year to everyone! And like every new year, we all want to be aware of the new Baidu SEO trends.

So the question we ask ourselves is: Is my website compliant with Baidu SEO rules? And, is it ready for 2022?

Let’s start by listing the 3 most common mistakes you should not make to get good rankings on Baidu. 

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Baidu SEO : Mistakes not to make

Mistake #1: Over-optimization of keywords

Keywords always seem to be the central element of many SEO strategies. That’s why it’s important for digital specialists to understand the importance of keywords within a SEO plan. As far as Baidu is concerned, the Chinese keywords used must be selected carefully, and by native Chinese SEO specialists.

In addition, Baidu is now able to recognize when keywords have been added to the content of a website. The leading Chinese search engine can check how often a word or series of words appear in a given text. If a word is found to be overused in your content, your ranking may be seriously affected. This would defeat the purpose of your SEO strategy.

Mistake #2: Poor quality content

Many marketers today use different tools and artificial intelligence to write their articles. It is then important to mention that the current Baidu algorithm is able to detect when an article is written by a robot. If this algorithm considers that a keyword is too recurrent, then the ranking of the article on the search results can be affected.

The more Baidu’s AI improves, the more it will be able to detect below-average content. The goal then is to focus on creating content that is useful, engaging and relevant to your target audience. If your readers are able to find the content they are looking for, then you will rank higher.

Even with native Chinese speakers, the level of writing can vary from person to person. So be sure to avoid having your articles written by experts whose native language is not Chinese.

Mistake #3: Over-optimized internal linking

A common SEO practice in the past was to use anchor text loaded with keywords or synonyms. Now, Baidu is able to recognize this type of content and therefore sanction the website. Again, if you include anchor text, it should be cleanly integrated into the content and be naturally readable.

Best practices on Baidu in 2022

In addition to some best practice optimizations that we already know about, the most important recommendations for a website optimization on Baidu in 2022 are:

  • Continue to increase the amount of content on your website while improving the quality.
  • Actively use official Baidu products in order to increase traffic to your website.
  • Understand the relationship between Baijia and the search engine. And learn how to use the Baijia account.

What is Baidu Baijia?

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Baijia is a We Media platform launched by Baidu in 2016, where users have the ability to publish content such as text, images and videos. The platform performed very poorly in its early days, with a large number of incidents of cheating, which led to its bad reputation.

On October 18, 2021, Baidu announced a comprehensive upgrade of Baijia to rectify various cheating practices and reuse the platform to meet the changing market.

What are the advantages of Baidu Baijia?

High weighting:

If you want to use a We Media platform for promotion and advertising, then Baijia is the ideal platform. For example, if you are selling a product or promoting a business, you can write an original article on Baijia, which will have a high chance of being included on Baidu later. When users later search for your keywords on the search engine, your article will then be ranked high in the search results.

High traffic:

Corporate accounts can also get Blue V certification from Baidu Baijia. If you get the certification and your content is of high quality, Baidu will recommend your Baijia content and then your website will get more traffic. 

An example of Baidu Baijia:

Here is a query with the keyword mask industry. In the first five results of the search, there are three Baidu Baijia accounts.

How to open a Baidu Baijia account?

First of all, you should know that Baijia offers five different types of accounts: personal account, media account, business account, government account and association account.

In order to open a Baijia account, it is necessary to have a Baidu account. This Baijia account will then be managed through your Baidu account linked to your cell phone number.

If you are a business user, you will need the following documents:

  • Baijia username,
  • Avatar,
  • Signature,
  • Company name,
  • Chinese Kbis,
  • Name of the operator,
  • Operator ID.

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