Pinduoduo is one of China’s most popular e-commerce platforms, serving as a pioneer in the realm of new e-commerce by integrating social sharing into its operations. Following the “social + e-commerce” model, Pinduoduo encourages users to share cost-effective products within their social circles during the shopping process, creating a new shared shopping experience for consumers.

With its characteristics of low prices and affordability, Pinduoduo has attracted a large number of consumers, carving out a new space in the fiercely competitive e-commerce landscape, particularly in the untapped markets. In comparison to platforms like Taobao and, Pinduoduo, as one of China’s fastest-growing internet giants, Brands selling on the Pinduoduo platform can quickly gain exposure and experience rapid growth in sales.

In this article, STAiiRS will guide you through the exploration of what international brands need to think about before selling products on PDD.

What are the advantages of Pinduoduo?

Looking at this year’s Chinese Double 11 shopping festival, Chinese consumers are generally returning to sensible spending, reducing impulsive shopping. People are increasingly focusing on cost-effective products, and Pinduoduo’s platform precisely addresses this widespread demand.

1. Low Prices: 

Pinduoduo seizes the opportunity presented by a surplus of low-cost goods and robust demand. By offering a more relaxed and friendly entry policy compared to other e-commerce platforms, Pinduoduo attracts a large number of small and medium-sized merchants, paving the way for market expansion. 

2. User Scale: 

Leveraging the significant base of Chinese consumers, Pinduoduo anchors its strategy in the “low price obtains high traffic” approach. Through social sharing, users mutually share product links in their social circles to gain additional discount coupons. This method rapidly spreads through social networks, encouraging more users to download and register, leading to an explosive growth in user scale within a short period.

3. Platform Support Policy: 

Particularly for small and medium-sized brands that have yet to establish a strong presence, Pinduoduo provides substantial platform support. This includes promotional activities and platform subsidies, offering these businesses more opportunities to establish themselves in the fiercely competitive e-commerce market and promote their products.

4. Brand Positioning: 

Pinduoduo has successfully established its brand positioning in the market, with “affordable shopping” as its core selling point. This positioning aligns with current consumer trends, allowing Pinduoduo to stand out in the intense market competition as the preferred choice for consumers seeking value for money.

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Marketing Strategies on Pinduoduo for Brands in 2024

1. Maximize Platform Features:

Leverage the unique group-buying format of the Pinduoduo e-commerce platform, highlighting the feature of low-price group purchases to attract a broader consumer base. Utilize the substantial population of China’s middle-income group, understanding the consumer inclination towards cost-effective products. Actively participate in the platform’s group-buying activities to quickly boost product sales.

2. Digital Marketing Strategy:

Place paid advertisements on the Pinduoduo platform, fully utilizing the extensive user data to achieve precise targeting of the target audience. By targeting specific regions, occupations, age groups, and optimal posting times, rapidly increase brand exposure on the platform.

3. Build Word-of-Mouth:

Utilize the user review and rating system on the Pinduoduo platform. Chinese consumers often pay close attention to feedback and reviews from other buyers before making purchasing decisions. Therefore, encourage other purchasers to share their positive shopping experiences, leveraging the reviews of other consumers to establish a strong brand reputation.

4. Participate in Promotions:

Engage in key promotional events on Pinduoduo, such as the Double 11 Shopping Festival, the 618 Shopping Festival, etc. Take advantage of the platform’s traffic support and discount incentives during promotional periods to increase brand exposure on the platform. Guide users to pay attention to and purchase products during these promotional events.

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