Today, more and more Chinese people are using Xiaohongshu. They seek advice in any field in their daily lives.

  • In 2013, Xiaohongshu was founded in Shanghai. It is one of the first cross-border e-commerce platforms with the “UGC (User Generated Content) + shopping” model in China.
  • In 2014, Xiaohongshu launched a community feature enabling interactive sharing of original user content, thereby creating a clearly defined UGC model.
  • In May 2015, Xiaohongshu successfully launched the e-commerce platform. It then established and improved the platform’s cross-border logistics procurement system.
  • By 2024, the number of active users on Xiaohongshu had exceeded 260 million with a valuation of over 30 billion dollars. Currently, Xiaohongshu’s UGC community is a life-sharing platform, with over 80 million users. “Notes” on Xiaohongshu “Posting orders + Sharing” attracts a large number of young users.

Persona of Xiaohongshu

The statistics show that 80% of Xiaohongshu users are female and under the age of 30. They mainly live in economically developed cities in China, with high income levels. And they are often young women with experience of studying or living abroad.

Persona of Xiaohongshu

Whether you are a brand or individual, We all can do something in Comment Areas!

In the previous article, we mentioned some common Xiaohongshu strategies. Now we’re going to introduce a new trend that has recently emerged, an invisible strategy that even many Chinese people don’t know about: marketing in comments.

Since users on Xiaohongshu attach great importance to authenticity, they always consult the comments. The popularity of a post is also influenced by the quantity and quality of the comments.

So whether it’s a personal or brand account, comments are essential. You can encourage others to comment and attract traffic through comments.

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1. Photoshop Challenge – XIaohongshu’s unique challenge

Young people are looking for the perfect social image. “I even photoshopped my dog.” is not just a joke. In Xiaohongshu, many people have seized on this mentality to create a new trend. It aims to attract users who are passionate about photo retouching and renewed creativity.

Here, users can give free rein to their imagination and creativity to create unexpected images. 

It’s a way of attracting traffic and subscribers. Bloggers provide ideas and challenges for photo editing enthusiasts, opening up new horizons for creative ‘derivative works’. Users can freely exploit their skills and creativity. Whether it’s adding aesthetic feeling, humor or texture to photos. Both parties achieve their respective goals.

Photoshop challenge

2. Roast interaction on Xiaohongshu is a culture

Comments on Xiaohongshu encourage users to share emotional stories, ask questions about work, express their feelings about products, etc. Roasts are often what most people prefer to read. This means not only sincerity but usually humor as well.

In this mode of interaction, users can find people they can relate to, share similar emotions or experiences, and thus establish closer connections.

Many bloggers on Xiaohongshu use genuine “emotional resonance” to allow everyone to share their feelings, stories, recommend favorite products, and complain about difficult-to-use products.

For example, frequently encountered clothing brands such as “Can anyone really wear a MUJI shirt well?” “Who is ZARA fashion really designed for?” “Is Estée Lauder foundation really drier than the desert, is yours too?” “Show me your bedding.” “I don’t believe there’s a cheap and good quality lipstick.” “Is there a perfume that smells like a forest?” These types of posts usually have a large number of comments and images, which represent a huge traffic advantage for the mentioned brands.

Sometimes, an unknown product becomes visible to everyone through this.

We all love roasting something here!

3. Gossip Culture in Xiaohongshu should be noticed!

Similar to a roast comments section, it’s also a gossip paradise. Users can grab each other’s attention using humor and teasing, creating fun interactions.

It’s like a “daily life gossip,” and this relaxed atmosphere contributes to strengthening the liveliness of the community.

Gossip on Xiaohongshu

4. PK Debate

PK debates are a very engaging form of interaction that encourages participation. Users can debate and argue between different camps. This controversial interaction not only increases the number of comments but also helps users to reflect and express their opinions.

PK debates can change the opinions of both camps, red and blue. After participating in the comments, users display the camp they support, adding a psychological sense of debate, thereby increasing the number of comments and interactions between users.

Brands of technological products, beauty products, services, etc., can use this method for marketing activities, attract traffic, and help potential consumers choose their products.

PK Debate in Xiaohongshu

5. Interactive Polls

This method is suitable for product and market research, providing Xiaohongshu with a free research tool for users.

Companies can gather user feedback through poll results, and understand their real needs and preferences without coercion, to improve products or marketing strategies.

6. Reverse Psychology

Reverse psychology is an interesting strategy that can attract the attention of users who like to challenge traditional rules. Users can post viewpoints or behaviors different from the majority opinion to spark discussions, piquing the curiosity and interest of users and attracting a specific part of supporters.

By using reverse psychology to pique users’ curiosity, bloggers attract a large number of rebellious users using non-conformist tactics, allowing them to gain the attention of a group of anonymous fans, called “momo” (anonymous).

These different strategies offer the Xiaohongshu community a variety of ways to interact, distinguishing Xiaohongshu from other platforms. Thus, whether for a business account or a personal account, everyone can choose a strategy tailored to their needs and objectives, in order to build a more powerful social network and maximize marketing impact on Xiaohongshu.

If you want to learn more about Xiaohongshu strategies in China and explore effective marketing strategies, please check out the previous blog: “How to Write the ‘Consumer Bible’ for Young Chinese – Xiaohongshu Playbook (1) 2024.”

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