Among China’s young demographic, phrases like “Xiaohongshu is my addiction, it can read my mind,” “I have to try everything Xiaohongshu recommends,” and “Xiaohongshu is the new search engine” have become commonplace.

Xiaohongshu, also known as Little Red Book, is one of the most popular content-sharing platforms among China’s youth. Users share their experiences, insights, and exclusive information through “notes” or short videos, fostering a vibrant community of exchange.

In the realm of online platforms, Xiaohongshu (or RED) emerges as a powerhouse, particularly among the younger demographic.

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Understanding the Appeal of Xiaohongshu

With its user base soaring to 312 million monthly active users in 2023, Xiaohongshu has cemented its status as one of China’s fastest-growing social media platforms. 

Primarily dominated by young urban females from first and second-tier cities, the platform is witnessing a surge in male users as well as a growing audience aged between 25 to 34. 

These users, characterized by their zest for life and strong purchasing power, are reshaping consumption patterns and markets in China.

Key Numbers from Xiaohongshu

The uniqueness of Xiaohongshu’s Youthful Audience

The allure of imported goods resonates strongly with Chinese youth, reflecting their pursuit of a higher quality of life. 

Their evolving consumer preferences emphasize quality, variety, and individuality, fueling the growth of cross-border e-commerce tailored to meet these demands.

Key Strategies for Marketing on Xiaohongshu

In navigating Xiaohongshu’s landscape, grasping both consumer characteristics and operational intricacies is paramount for international enterprises to gain a competitive edge.

1. Leveraging Live Streaming for Sales

Live streaming emerges as a lucrative avenue for driving sales and interaction. By showcasing products and leveraging persuasive communication, influencers effectively drive purchase behavior among young audiences. 

Xiaohongshu’s live streaming feature, with sections for interactive sessions and product recommendations, provides an ideal platform for brands to engage with consumers directly.

Live streaming sales on Xiaohongshu

2. Harnessing Note-sharing Synergies

By participating in Xiaohongshu’s promotional activities and aligning with influential notes or themes, brands can amplify their reach and sales potential. 

Whether through official accounts or collaborations with key influencers, note-sharing serves as a strategic tool for brand exposure and consumer engagement.

Note sharing is one of the core features on Xiaohongshu

3. Brand Account Management

Maintaining a robust official account is essential for sustained brand visibility and customer interaction. Regular updates and engaging content not only enhance exposure but also foster trust among users. 

With seamless integration between account content and storefronts, brands can streamline the consumer journey, enhancing conversion rates.

Case Study: French Imported Intimate Care Brand

By establishing an official account and leveraging collaborations with influencers, a French intimate care brand successfully boosted its exposure and sales on Xiaohongshu. 

Through engaging note-sharing and influencer partnerships, the brand achieved significant visibility and attracted prospective buyers, translating exposure into conversions effectively.

This brand have obtained a big amount of followers


For brands seeking to establish a foothold on Xiaohongshu and capitalize on its vast potential, understanding the platform’s dynamics and employing tailored marketing strategies are imperative. By aligning with user preferences and leveraging the platform’s features, international businesses can effectively navigate the Chinese market landscape and unlock growth opportunities.

For further insights on leveraging Xiaohongshu for successful marketing endeavors, explore our comprehensive guide or reach out to the STAiiRS International Team for expert marketing services and consultancy.