In China, where there is no Google search engine, people use Baidu to search for information. Baidu is also the largest Chinese search engine in the world and holds a very prestigious position in the minds of Chinese netizens.

1. What is Baidu Baijia?

In 2016, Baidu launched Baidu Baijia, its professional platform conceived for content contributors to create and release content, and to manage followers. Its content is transmitted to major platforms such as Baidu Browser, the Baidu mobile app and Baidu News. When Chinese users use the Baidu mobile app, most of the images, articles and videos they see come from the Baijia platform.

2. Why do international brands need to use Baidu Baijia for digital marketing in China?

2.1 Baidu Baijia account: great importance

  • The  weight of a company’s certified Baijia account is greater compared with other accounts. Baidu will give display priority to the content published by verified companies, making it easier for the company to be found, and at the same time recommending it in Baidu News. 
  • The benefits of Baijia SEO ranking are: contents published on Baidu Baijia platform enjoy higher chances to be indexed,  with faster indexing speed and longer ranking duration. 
  • After the company has been certified ( brand’s logo will be  labeled in blue), the credibility of the company in the minds of users directly increases.
  • In addition, when users use Baidu to search  “certified companies” on mobile,  search results containing “certified companies”will appear on the first page automatically without advertising fees.

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2.2 Baidu Baijia high traffic

In order to compete with WeChat, Baidu provides strong traffic support to Baijia, using many of Baidu’s information platforms as channels for content distribution. As a result, brands don’t have to worry about traffic.

2.3 Baidu Baijia account : low marketing costs

Baijia is a low-cost customer acquisition tool, as it not only has a large number of Baidu’s user resources such as search, information flow(feed), Q&A, but it is also able to divert traffic to other brand’s marketing platforms, truly realizing multi-platform co-marketing and thus increasing conversion rates.

These advantages can improve the competitiveness of new small and medium-sized brands, and there are already many successful cases. They have all been able to gain a large number of customers in a short period of time through the Baidu Baijia platform.

3. How do international brands join Baidu Baijia?

  • Baidu will authoritatively certified quality brands, also known as Certified Baidu Business Account.
  • To apply for a Baidu account, you only need to bind a Chinese mobile phone number. (Overseas mobile phone numbers need to be registered using other Baidu’s applications. After having a Baidu account, you can directly fill in your personal information to access Baijia.
  • To apply for enterprise certification (Blue V), submit the business license of your company in mainland China and the ID card of the account operator.
  • After submitting the certification, pay the annual certification fee of 600 RMB.
  • Wait 1-7 days for audit, after passing the certification, you can login to the account, set up and operate.

4. How to manage Baidu Baijia account ?

4.1 Establish an Baidu Baijia operational plan:

Developing a plan that works is the first step in the operation of Baijia, whatever the future direction of the creative work, the choice of marketers, the selection of topics or the marketing schedule, everything must be planned at the outset to prevent mistakes in the subsequent operations.

4.2 Baidu Baijia account setup:

Identify the brand positioning and define the style of the Baidu Baijia account. Then apply this style in all details to establish a unified and reliable official brand image.

User segmentation is an important step in positioning an account. Operators need to position their Baidu account according to the industry, the product and the business development direction. It is crucial to find a breakthrough in the huge and complex Chinese market.

4.3 Baidu Baijia operational content planning:

In the content planning, it is essential to consider the Baijia SEO as an important purpose, that means to take advantage of the high relevance of Baijia in the Baidu search results ranking. The following two points are very important.

The creation of quality content is always at the heart of marketing, which sounds easy. But in fact, operators need to possess product expertise, a keen sense of the market, the ability to exploit keywords, advanced Chinese writing skills and great aesthetic skills.

The integration of multiple formats is also a common approach to marketing in China nowadays, and operators must know how to combine video and graphics in the right way (with features like AI to be added in the future) to maximize user engagement.

4.4 Baidu Baijia Operation process implementation:

Baidu has set strict rules for Baidu Baijia accounts in order to provide users with a better experience. This represents a significant challenge for content contributors, who need to master Baidu content review & approval rules.

4.5 Baidu Baijia accounts’ data summary:

The operation of the Baidu Baijia account requires a long-term commitment, in which the process of content creation and promotion needs to be constantly reviewed and adjusted.

Overall, the upgraded Baidu Baijia platform is an exceptional new marketing tool in China. Both B2B companies and emerging small brands need to maximize their exposure within the Baidu ecosystem, create a positive image on the first page of Baidu’s search results, and ensure that Chinese consumers are not distracted by competitors at every step of their decision-making process.

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