In 2024, Chinese drama routinely integrates advertisements or product placements into episodes. Marketing cooperation between series and brands takes many forms and remains very popular.

This collaboration enables brands to stand out in terms of brand awareness, appreciation, and purchase intent. In China, 60% of viewers eat while watching series, while 79% nibble on snacks while watching.

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Why do food advertisements during series viewing attract Chinese consumers?

1. Sensory Impulse: How Does it Promote Consumption in TV Series?

While watching television series, Chinese consumers may experience an immediate buying impulse due to evoked logos, visual impacts provided by images, or products presented due to the evolution of the plot.

This is especially the case for products like snacks and beverages, which are often purchased impulsively.

Data indicates that 68% of Chinese consumers of food and beverage products have purchased the product after watching partner series.

Additionally, 42% of them made their purchase within three days following the end of the series.

Food&beverage marketing in Chinese Drama - consumers

2. Chinese Mindset: Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Chinese viewers have a strong preference for advertisers who collaborate with their favorite TV series. In addition to watching the series, they often have a subjective preference for elements associated with the series (actors, production team, distributors).

Consumers believe that brands collaborating with series are more likely to be of high quality and reliable, which strengthens their trust in these brands.

Data shows that 72% of Chinese consumers have a more favorable opinion of brands that collaborate with series. 60% believe that the products appear more reliable.

84% have discovered new brands and product ranges by watching advertisements aired during the series.

Chinese Drama: A Springboard for Food Brands

1. Increasing Visibility: Becoming Familiar

By advertising or sponsoring popular series, the brand will have its name and logo frequently displayed in front of viewers, thereby enhancing its visibility.

This collaboration is particularly advantageous for a new brand or product, providing an opportunity to quickly gain exposure.

Increase visibility in Chinese drama

2. Shaping Brand Image

By using the settings and plot elements of TV series, the brand can skillfully present the product’s features and an attractive image.

By aligning advertising content or staging with the plot, the brand can convey product characteristics and brand values to viewers, giving it more story and personality, which attracts consumer interest.

Brand ads presentation format

3. Stimulating Purchase Desire: Tempting Close-Ups

Chinese consumers enjoy watching TV series while eating, it’s a common habit.

Therefore, when they see food products or beverages in the plot or in advertisements before or after the show, they are more likely to be attracted and feel the urge to try them. This can promote impulse purchases.

Fastnoodle ads in C-Drama

4. Enhancing Sympathy and Preference

By collaborating with popular TV series, the brand can leverage the series’ popularity and emotional resonance with viewers to gain their sympathy and enter their purchasing decision process, stimulating their buying behavior.

5. Stimulating Premium Consumption

Collaboration with series can also encourage consumers to opt for the brand’s premium products.

By showcasing the brand’s premium products or scenes associated with a high-end image, the series can encourage viewers to try the brand’s premium products.

How do food brands choose the right Chinese Drama for marketing?

1. Series Themes

For the Chinese audience, historical, romantic, and urban Chinese dramas have a large viewership, facilitating discussions and market attention.

These themes tend to become hits, bringing more exposure and attention to the brand. In China, some excellent online novels are adapted into dramas or films that already have a solid reader base.

These series are capable of not only attracting drama viewers’ attention but also drawing more attention from fans of the original work.

2. Series Resources

Choosing series with significant investments in production and promotion can ensure widespread preparation and discussion before airing, making brand advertisements more effective.

Additionally, the performance of the production team and the popularity of the actors are also crucial.

3. Series Scheduling

Choosing the appropriate time can increase series exposure and audience, thereby promoting effective brand advertising dissemination.

For example, during summer and winter holidays, viewers have more time to watch dramas.

By better understanding Chinese consumers’ series-watching habits, food and beverage brands can collaborate with these series to develop new marketing strategies. Thus, they have the opportunity to showcase their brands and products to viewers while they watch the series.

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