AI Marketing has become one of the key factors for business success in today’s digitized business world.

However, with changing consumer behavior and technology, traditional marketing methods are no longer sufficient. More intelligent and personalized solutions are needed.

In terms of commercial realization in marketing in China, Baidu stands out as an experienced and reliable giant. Baidu Qingge is Baidu’s emerging AI marketing platform, which can bring businesses a whole new marketing experience.

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Qingge: The World’s First AI Native Marketing Platform

Qingge is the world’s first AI Native marketing platform launched by Baidu. It utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technology to connect marketing strategy formulation and advertising optimization, aiming to improve ad conversion rates.

Compared to traditional marketing platforms, Qingge focuses on personalized services and intelligent delivery, providing advertisers with more convenient and intelligent advertising solutions.

QINGGE AI marketing

Advantages of Baidu Qingge

1. Understanding Chinese Consumers

Firstly, it’s a native AI in China. It can accurately push ads and products based on the behavior and interests of Chinese users, thus increasing ad and product conversion rates. By deeply mining and analyzing user data, businesses can better understand the needs of users in different regions of China, facilitating precision marketing.

2. Personalized Services

Secondly, Baidu Qingge can provide personalized services to users, enhancing their experience. Whether it’s personalized recommendations or precision marketing, it allows users to find more interesting products during the shopping process, reducing search costs.

3. Intelligent Optimization

Additionally, Baidu Qingge achieves intelligent ad delivery and optimization, reducing marketing costs. By monitoring and adjusting ad performance in real-time, small and medium-sized international enterprises can avoid wasting ad budgets and improve ad effectiveness.

Most importantly, Baidu Qingge relies on localized, real-time big data analysis to provide decision support for enterprises, helping them make wiser decisions in product development, pricing, marketing, etc., and enhancing their competitiveness in the Chinese market.

AI marketing operations

Meeting the Needs of Different Advertisers

The ad placement process of Baidu Qingge is suitable for both new brand advertisers, who may not yet grasp the complexity of ad placement, and advertisers on platforms with relatively complex ad placement processes. The interactive nature of Baidu Qingge is more user-friendly for them.

On one hand, for new brand advertisers, the interactive format of Baidu Qingge is more user-friendly as they may not be familiar with the complexity of ad placement.

On the other hand, Baidu Qingge is also suitable for platforms with relatively complex ad placement processes. Through interactive placement, it can improve the efficiency of advertisers and maintain their demands more organically, allowing them to simply express their needs while the platform takes care of the specifics, thereby reducing the burden on advertisers.

How to launch an Ads campaign on Qingge?

It is actually straightforward to launch an ad on Qingge. Here’s how it works:

1. Plan Creation: 

First step, users need to create an ad plan, including editing ad content and setting a budget,  target & geography.

2. Input Prompt: 

Users can communicate with AI ad assistants, expressing their requirements.

3. Landing Page Selection: 

Users need to select the landing page for the ad, where users will be directed after clicking the ad.

4. Optimization Goal Selection: 

Users also need to choose the optimization goal for the ad, such as increasing click-through rate or increasing sales.

5. Creative Image Selection: 

Finally, users can select appropriate creative images to attract their target audience.

Through these steps, advertisers can quickly create ads without setting keyword bids, and the ads will be displayed directly in search scenarios. The whole process is AI-generative, as advertisers only need to converse with AI to complete all settings, greatly improving the efficiency and accuracy of ad performance.


With the continuous development of AI technology, AI marketing will be more widely applied across industries. In this rapidly evolving advertising era, the launch of Baidu Qingge undoubtedly represents a disruptive innovation.

It signifies technological progress, it also indicates significant business opportunities and potential dividends within the industry.

In the future, as AI technology continues to mature and become more widespread, Baidu Qingge will continue to bring more intelligent and personalized marketing solutions to enterprises, helping them achieve greater success in competitive markets.

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