What is Xianyu?

Xianyu is the largest second-hand platform in China. It differs from Vinted in that it offers not only second-hand goods but also an ‘unused goods market’, which includes Xianyu auctions, second-hand cars, and various other trading options. Like many e-commerce platforms in China, Xianyu follows a business model integrating ‘community + e-commerce’.

Taobao’s strong user base and its solid e-commerce framework have enabled Xianyu to expand rapidly.

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Who uses Xianyu?

In 2023, Xianyu had over 500 million users, 43% of them born after 1995 and 22% after 2000. Many young people bring energy and vitality to Xianyu.

Xianyu is beyond second-hand sales platform.

What do we do on Xianyu?

In addition to the trade of second-hand items, many innovative services related to unused goods are also available on the Xianyu platform, such as wake-up services, video game training, and dog-walking services.

1. Wake-up Service

People can sell their “wake-up service” on Xianyu. After an order, the seller will provide the service according to the time and wake-up method desired by the buyer.

2. Video Game Training

Various training services for popular games can be found on Xianyu. Some professional studios even manage these game training services on the platform.

3. Dog-Walking Service

Some owners, due to their schedules or other commitments, cannot meet their dogs’ walking needs and can order local dog-walking services on Xianyu. In June 2023, a wave of dog-walking services by students emerged in China.

4. Item Rental

Xianyu also offers a dedicated channel and page for housing rentals. The item rental system also includes a membership system.

5. Auctions

In addition to fixed-price transactions, auctions have become a form of commerce on the Xianyu platform. Since May 2016, Xianyu has collaborated with Alibaba’s auction branch, covering luxury products, artwork, legal affairs, and more.

6. Convenient Logistics

As an Alibaba brand, Xianyu benefits from the support of “Cainiao Logistics.” Additionally, the “online courier call” service was launched, offering coupons to reduce shipping costs and encourage its use.

7. Comprehensive Credit Security System

To reduce risks associated with imperfect credit, Xianyu uses Alibaba’s big data and affiliated products to create a user credit evaluation system, including seller identity authentication and transactions guaranteed by Alipay.

Xianyu: A Second-Hand Community Commerce Platform

Unlike its predecessor “Taobao Second Hand,” Xianyu emphasizes the community aspect of unused goods commerce. This social intention is evident.

What is “Hui Wan”?

“Hui Wan” is a location-based or interest-based group on Xianyu, where over 40% of users were born in the 90s. Users can not only sell unused items but also share and exchange within this community.

Xianyu Huiwan

Why did Xianyu create a community?

Xianyu sees community building as a key strategy, inviting celebrities and nurturing influential talents. It provides an exchange platform for buyers and sellers to communicate more easily, thereby enhancing trust and facilitating transactions.


The majority of Xianyu users are under 40 years old, with a strong proportion born in the 90s, representing 46.1% of users.

These consumers, who are gradually becoming the main force of consumption, prioritize a rational and practical approach while also being environmentally conscious and open to sharing.

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