“The Chinese Google”

Baidu, known as the “Chinese Google,” is the largest simplified Chinese search engine in the world, with 218 million daily users. Baidu’s MAU (Monthly Active Users) reaches 667 million, with a total of 1.6 billion users worldwide.


Its users generate an average of 6 billion searches on Baidu every day. Baidu is a significant and indispensable marketing platform when international companies enter China.

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What is Baidu’s new marketing strategy for 2024?

International companies choose Baidu for their marketing campaigns because of its large user base and high activity level. Over 486,000 companies connect with potential customers on Baidu.

Baidu recently released its 2024 marketing strategy called the Baidu Marketing Program 2024. The plan aims to enhance marketing with the latest AI technology.

Baidu's marketing tools


Baidu has enhanced the functionality of its search engine and other platforms by integrating generative AI technology. This advancement now enables the delivery of more personalized and intelligent services. In the marketing domain, Baidu uses this technology to help companies better understand consumers and create more attractive advertisements and content.

baidu's AI assistant

1. Examples of AI application

The Chinese milk brand “Feihe” used Baidu’s native AI marketing tool rebuilt on the basis of “Wenxinyiyan”. An “official Feihe intelligent assistant” was created based on a brand intelligent agent. It provides more accurate and personalized services to users in the form of multi-turn conversations.

Wenxinyiyan and ChatGPT are both natural language processing models based on deep learning techniques. Computational power depends on training data and model size. The more training data and the larger the model size, the stronger its ability to handle problems.

2. Baidu’s AI Development

In the third quarter of 2023, Baidu demonstrated strong performance and promising prospects in the field of AI.

Baidu’s AI activities can be divided into three categories: AI platform, AI applications, and AI hardware.

The AI platforms and applications can assist brands in their marketing on Baidu.

3. Baidu’s AI Platform

Baidu provides businesses and developers with a comprehensive AI service platform. It’s like an AI toolkit with various tools to help companies and developers achieve intelligent transformation and business innovation. These platforms offer a full range of AI services, including infrastructure, algorithms, tools, scenarios, and solutions.

4. Baidu’s AI Applications

Baidu has developed these AI products for ordinary users using its vast data, advanced algorithms, and powerful platform. These applications offer practical, intelligent, and personalized services, making our lives more convenient.

The Future of AI Combined with Marketing in China

Generative AI brings a major transformation to corporate marketing by reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Baidu’s AIGC marketing creation platform, “Qingduo,” offers solutions to the intense competition in creative content and high costs in the marketing industry. It can generate 100 creative slogans in just 2 minutes and produce a complete advertising video in 5 minutes.

Baidu is launching its first AI Native, the “Qingge” marketing platform, which reimagines marketing expression with natural language interaction. It eliminates the complexity of creation and aims to increase ad conversion rates by over 20%.

In addition to reducing costs and increasing efficiency, generative AI also brings “new content” and “new interaction”.

Regarding “new content,” Baidu believes that AI technology allows brands to deliver more diverse and personalized marketing information to the public. It has been shown that the number of people transitioning from brand recognition to interaction has increased by 43%.

As for “new interaction,” Baidu Marketing has launched a new conversational advertising product, “Brand BOT.” It allows companies to quickly identify user intent. When users search for a specific brand, the BOT can respond in a personalized manner and through multi-turn conversations, improving user decision-making efficiency.


By deeply applying generative AI technology, Baidu has not only improved its precise understanding of user needs but also stimulated content innovation that significantly enhances user interaction experiences.

In today’s rapidly evolving technological world, generative AI is reshaping the marketing landscape with its revolutionary power. As an industry leader, Baidu Marketing maintains a visionary outlook and actively embraces this technological revolution.

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