What is a WeChat Mini Program? 

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What is WeChat Mini Program SEO?

The SEO involves enhancing mini-programs to achieve higher rankings in search results. When users look for mini-programs using keywords in WeChat’s search engine or “Search” feature, corresponding WeChat mini-programs will prominently display at the top of the results.

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  1. Released Time: The earlier a mini-program is launched, the higher it ranks. Early release means less competition for keywords.
  2. Loading Speed: Mini programs with concise code and fast loading speeds rank higher.
  3. Keyword: The more often keywords appear in the description, the higher the ranking.
  4. Title:  Including the keyword once in the title and keeping the title short improves ranking.

What are the ranking rules for the WeChat Mini Program search?

Other influencing factors:

  1. User base: The total number of users is estimated to account for about 50% of the ranking.
  2. User Behavior: Factors like new user searches, click-through rates, time spent, reviews, and activity level contribute around 30%.
  3. Relevance Match: Matching keywords in the mini program’s name, description, and services accounts for about 15%.
  4. Launch Time, Loading Speed, and Certification: These factors account for around 5%.

What are the ranking rules for the WeChat Mini Program search?

Currently, the areas where keywords can be optimized are account names (30 characters, 15 Chinese characters), account descriptions (120 characters, 60 Chinese characters), and titles of functional pages.

The Certification

WeChat Mini Programs need to be certified and registered. Enterprises have more authority than individuals under similar conditions, but a highly used individual mini-program can also rank high.

Optimizing User Behavior Data

Optimizing user behavior data involves enhancing keyword ranking through normal user activities. This includes search clicks, usage, and reviews (especially positive reviews).

To determine the real search volume of a keyword in a WeChat search, it is possible to refer to the search volume in the Tencent Advertising backend and the search proportion in the WeChat Index.

Increasing Mini Program User Volume

Increasing the overall user volume of a mini-program helps improve keyword ranking.

What are the ranking rules for the WeChat Mini Program search?

Here are three main methods:

  1. Advertising: Attract users by launching ads through WeChat official accounts or Moments ads.
  2. Enlarge User base: To increase mini-program users via third-party services, but this method risks bringing in low-quality users, affecting WeChat’s ecosystem.
  3. Infeed Ads: Promote the WeChat mini program within the Tencent ecosystem.

All methods mentioned above are important for WeChat mini-program promotion. It is possible for corporations to use specialized optimization techniques to achieve tailored results. If you hope to explore the full potential of the WeChat mini program and discover advanced promotional strategies, contact STAiiRS!