In 2024, Tencent Ads, as China’s top advertising marketing platform, will provide comprehensive and efficient solutions to help brands achieve rapid growth in the Chinese market. 

Here is a guidebook for brands to find the “code” for revenue growth within the Tencent ecosystem and how to stand out in a competitive market.

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1. Tencent in China: Wide Coverage and Deep Insights

With its massive database and technological strength, it provides an in-depth analysis of the Chinese market and insights into user behavior. By integrating online & offline marketing actions, it establishes a long-term marketing presence for brands.

For example, WeChat Mini Programs, and Wecom (enterprise WeChat platforms) are effectively utilized for advertising, making it easier for companies to interact with users.

2. Technology-Driven Marketing Methods

Tencent Advertising continuously improves its technological capabilities, making marketing methods more scientific. It not only provides standardized marketing analysis tools but also offers customized solutions according to the needs of brands.

These tools and services help brands precisely target their markets, optimize ad copywriting, and improve conversion rates. For instance, Tencent Advertising’s « Ruyi » is designed to expand the potential customer base and enhance brand marketing efficiency in the Chinese market.

3. Strong Transaction Capability

Through the platform’s strong transaction capabilities, It supports international brands in selling and payment in China through various methods. For example, live streaming sales through the WeChat video channel and WeChat Mini Programs, as well as traditional online advertising and promotions.

Moreover, Tencent Ads has introduced a “generative” marketing model, creating ad materials through AI technology, enhancing the precision and effectiveness of advertisements.


4. Comprehensive Marketing Support by Tencent

To help brands improve their performance in the Chinese market, Tencent Ads strengthens integration and linkage between different platforms, such as the linkage between the WeChat video channel and Sogou Search. Such integration not only increases brand exposure but also achieves rapid user conversion in different marketing scenarios.

In addition, Tencent Ads also increases brand exposure and sales opportunities in China during Sale Seasons like Tabao 618 and Double Eleven.

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5. Personalized Advertising Solutions

Tencent Ads also attaches great importance to high-quality ad copy. It has launched an all-in-one AI advertising creative platform called “Miaosi” (Clever Ideas). This platform enjoys priority of ad approval, AI assistance, free graphics & visuals, greatly simplifying the set-up process and helping brands respond quickly to changes. Furthermore, Tencent Ads provides new ad assets, channels, and ideas to create tailored and effective advertising solutions.

Miaosi is the new AI platform to empower

6. Powerful Social Media Matrix 

Utilizing its strong influence in social media and content industries, Tencent Ads provides brands with rich IP marketing opportunities. Whether through TV series, music, sports events, or promotion by celebrities and internet celebrities, Tencent Advertising effectively delivers brand info to a targeted audience.

For example, popular Chinese TV series like “The Long Ballad” and “Joy of Life 2 » are top IPs used by Tencent Advertising for brand partnerships.

In the future, Tencent Ads is committed to being a reliable partner for brands in China. If you are looking for expansion into the Chinese market, this is an inevitable option.

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