As technology advances by leaps and bounds, AI is gradually becoming an important driver in all sectors. In marketing, AI marketing is changing how traditional marketing works, and bringing never-before-seen opportunities for new and old businesses.

AI marketing is a burgeoning trend in China, widely adopted in its market. It not only saves manpower and resources but also introduces numerous innovative concepts and technologies for businesses. Below, we’ll introduce several types of AI marketing.

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AI Chat


In China, KFC leads in both product innovation and marketing innovation by a wide margin.

It not only launches new products based on local city features but also continuously experiments with new marketing methods to engage with young people.

In 2023, KFC introduced a brand new pizza series and invited the popular actor Zhu Yilong to have a conversation with AI about the product.

AI Marketing ads from KFC

It’s worth noting that KFC didn’t portray AI as an all-powerful figure. Instead, it highlighted the fact that AI lacks senses, emphasizing that only human taste buds can accurately assess the taste of food. This genuine experience cannot be replaced by any language or technology.

This dialogue demonstrates that AI can not only serve as a tool but also as a character, appearing in a marketing campaign to showcase brand advantages. Utilizing AI in this way is a clever choice.

Taobao Shopping Festival

With the increasing popularity of AI in China, discussions about “AI replacing cognitive work” have become more intense. Creativity is the core label of the Taobao Maker Festival.

Using AI for branding becomes a bold decision as china's Largest E-commerce platform

As China’s largest e-commerce platform, Taobao’s marketing team believes, “Since there are concerns about ‘AIGC replacing humans’, why not discuss the topic openly?” Thus, a project discussing AI creation was born.

This project has not only had a significant impact in the fields of technology and humanities but has also become a successful case in the field of marketing.

Through this nationwide discussion, Taobao has established a positive brand image as youthful, thoughtful, and caring about the future of humanity.

At the same time, the shopping festival has gained unprecedented attention, elevating the platform’s popularity to a new level. More young consumers have participated in it.

AI Innovation Ideas


Another fast-food giant is also capitalizing on the AI trend. This series of AI artworks co-created by AIGC artist Potatoman and McDonald’s has swept through major social media platforms, becoming a “sacred artifact of McDonald’s” in the hearts of many McDonald’s fans.

McDonald’s showcased the “M’s Freshly Excavated Treasures” created using AI.

These “excavated artifacts” are made of different materials such as traditional Chinese bronze ware, white agate, and blue and white porcelain, displayed stylishly in transparent showcases.


McDonald’s took the audience on an H5 tour of the ‘McDonald’s Museum’ to experience the glamour of McDonald’s treasures from a thousand years ago.

In the past few years, Chinese people have been very concerned about the traditional cultural heritage and spread, so it could be said that the ‘New Chinese Style’ is a hot trend in various fields of marketing.

McDonald’s, as a foreign brand, cleverly combines American fast food with Chinese traditional culture through AI. While maintaining interest, it directly strikes a chord with Chinese consumers.

Zhong Xue Gao

As a high-end luxury ice cream brand, Zhong Xue Gao also promptly used AI to package its products. On the occasion of its fifth anniversary, Zhong Xue Gao launched its first AI ice cream product, which made its debut at a new product launch event in Shanghai.

This ice cream is created in collaboration between  Zhong Xue Gao and Baidu’s AI platform “Wenxinyiyuan.” This new Sa’saa series, from product naming to flavor innovation, from packaging design to marketing promotion, has AI involvement or even dominance.

AI marketing collaboration between zhongxuegao and Baidu

For example, where does the series name “Sa Saa” come from? It was discovered by AI through information analysis: the sound of biting into a popsicle, walking in the snow, and the sound of ear rubbing are all very soothing in human daily life, so it recommended using this as the series name. In addition, it also provided another interpretation for this name: “Satisfy And Surprise Any Adventure.” This aligns well with the lifestyle philosophy of  Zhong Xue Gao’s target consumer group, representing a life attitude of young people expressing themselves, pursuing fun, and challenging innovation.

From this, we can see that AI, as a new marketing tool, is mature enough to help us complete a high-quality marketing campaign from the brand’s perspective.


Fliggy is an important travelling app for Chinese people , it also belongs to Alibaba.

The 7-day May Day holiday is a key travelling time for Chinese people. All travel apps attach great importance to this holiday, and the competition for related marketing activities is becoming increasingly fierce. Fliggy, focusing on the theme of “What to do during this May Day holiday,” used AI to create nearly a thousand flat advertisements.

Fliggy's AI marketing

Compared to the costly manual advertisement production, Fliggy’s AI flat advertisements not only greatly reduce costs but also, from a creative perspective, AI can leverage its extensive knowledge base to extend more creative ideas based on regional characteristics, age characteristics, and work characteristics of Chinese consumers, ensuring the exquisite and uniqueness of the “1000 flat advertisements.”

These posters showcase dreamy classic tourist attractions, sparking consumers’ imaginations and travel desires.

According to Fliggy’s needs, AI quickly produced creative advertisement images for thousands of tourist attractions, such as the Great Migration of Animals in Kenya, the Matryoshka Hotel in Inner Mongolia, the May Day Music Festival in Nanjing, and the Pyramids of Egypt, and so on.

AI Design


Wanglaoji, the leading brand of traditional Chinese beverage, recently launched its first AI-generated custom-designed can with Chinese traditional ink and wash flowers as the basis, combined with the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, as well as traditional Chinese elements such as mountains, water, forests, and birds. AI quickly produced multiple packaging designs.

This AI artistic innovation is completely different from Wanglaoji’s iconic bright red packaging style. This new artistic creation by AI has given Wanglaoji a new label, retaining the traditional brand tone while adding a light, minimalist modern aesthetic.

From the utilization of AI technology and concepts by these major brands, we can see that AI marketing in China is unstoppable and increasingly mature.

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