On March 29, 2024, the Chinese automotive landscape witnessed a seismic shift with the unveiling of Xiaomi’s SU7, the brand’s maiden foray into the electric vehicle (EV) segment. Already a household name for its innovative, value-laden smartphones, Xiaomi has embarked on an ambitious venture into the automotive industry, leveraging its reputation for technological prowess and savvy marketing campaigns.

The debut of the Xiaomi SU7 has injected a surge of vitality into the Chinese market, signaling a paradigm shift in the competitive dynamics of the automotive sector. The race for dominance now extends beyond mere technical specifications, encompassing branding and marketing strategies as well.

Leijun, Founder of Xiaomi, using his charisma to harness the influence in China Auto Market.

Why Did Xiaomi’s Entry Shake Up the Industry?

Since its launch, the Xiaomi SU7 has not only maintained Xiaomi’s reputation for innovation and value but has also become a focal point in the automotive industry with its unique internet marketing strategy, attracting a significant number of consumers’ attention.

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Omni-channel Marketing: Putting Users First

The Xiaomi SU7 represents not merely an extension of Xiaomi’s legacy of value-driven innovation but a groundbreaking approach to digital marketing, establishing it as a beacon of disruption in the automotive industry and captivating the attention of a vast consumer base.

Social Media and Fan Marketing: Engaging with Consumers

Xiaomi has masterfully harnessed the power of social media to cultivate meaningful connections with its customers. The brand consistently delivers engaging content, promptly addresses fan inquiries, and nurtures a loyal following. This strategy not only amplifies Xiaomi’s visibility but also effectively communicates its brand values.

Xiaomi is actively engaging people on Social Media.
Xiaomi’s actively posting on Social Media Platform

Hot Topics and Generating Buzz: Creating Suspense

Xiaomi has mastered the art of capturing attention through current events and suspense tactics. The anticipation surrounding the price at the launch stimulated curiosity and heightened interest in the event.

Xiaomi pertube le marché d'Automobile Chinois

Establishing Associations with Well-known Car Brands

Rivaling luxury brands such as Porsche, Xiaomi appeals to a younger audience while maintaining its brand image focused on value for money and innovation.

“For the similarities between Xiaomi SU7 and Porsche, I think perhaps good design is always telepathic. We look forward to companies that apply the same standards or even higher requirements for fair, just, honest, and legally benign competition with us.”

Michael Kirsch, President of Porsche China

The Era of ‘Hero Worship‘ in the Automotive Industry

Leveraging the influence and charisma of founder Lei Jun, Xiaomi maximizes media impact, garnering extensive coverage for launches and promotions. Lei Jun’s presence and discourse enrich Xiaomi’s marketing strategy, further captivating consumers’ attention.

Leijun's opening door for SU7 owners.
LeiJun’s Opening Door For SU7 Owners


Xiaomi’s astute marketing strategy not only bolsters its brand equity but also steers the automotive industry towards a more connected and intelligent future. With the SU7 rivalling Tesla, Lei Jun, often dubbed the “Chinese Elon Musk,” leverages his influence to set new benchmarks for Xiaomi and introduce novel marketing approaches to the industry. While Xiaomi’s swift transition from smartphones to automobiles has been remarkable, only time will tell the extent of its expansionary ambitions.

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