Taobao, as China’s largest e-commerce shopping platform, has long been the first choice for Chinese consumers. Holding nearly half of the market share, Taobao attracts over 300 million users every day, undoubtedly establishing itself as a leader in the Chinese e-commerce sector. Despite its leading position, Taobao continues to actively seek incremental market growth and introduced a new AI-powered shopping experience service this year—Taobao Wenwen.

Taobao Wenwen has broken through the limitations of traditional search, providing users with more intuitive and personalized shopping recommendations. In this article, STAiiRS will take you deeper into the features, use cases, and the brand-new opportunities it brings to merchants.

What is Taobao Wenwen?

Wenwen is Taobao’s AI shopping assistant.

With the continuous advancement of ChatGPT, driving progress in the global fields of artificial intelligence and large language models, Chinese e-commerce giant Taobao has actively invested in research and development. They have introduced an innovative AI shopping assistant called “Taobao Wenwen.” Currently integrated into the search interface, this AI feature allows users to interact and ask questions while browsing Taobao, receiving personalized answers.

Taobao Wenwen provides customized recommendation services based on users’ search history and interests. When users pose questions such as “Recommend the most popular lipstick shades” or “Suggest lipsticks suitable for autumn and winter,” Wenwen generates relevant product recommendations, including brand and price information. These recommendations are presented in the form of text or video responses, accompanied by links to the corresponding products. This allows users to easily click and directly access the product pages, enabling them to place orders at any time.

Taobao Wenwen: functional scenarios

Wenwen currently covers six main functional scenarios: helping users choose products, travel planning, senior shopping guides, life assistants, food enthusiasts, and soulful writers. Taobao Wenwen aims to provide users with a convenient way to solve high-frequency problems during the consumption process through these scenarios. This also indicates the trend of Taobao Tmall shifting from a transaction-oriented platform to a consumption-oriented one.

The rapid development of artificial intelligence has attracted industry giants from various sectors to invest more resources in developing their own large language models. Examples include Tencent launching the Hunyuan model, Zhihu’s Zhihai AI model, and Kuaishou’s Kuaiyi model. This not only propels technological innovation in the AI domain in China but also opens up numerous possibilities for applications across different fields.

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Taobao: Innovative &Customized E-commerce Shopping Experience

Taobao, with a staggering 890 million monthly active users, is an e-commerce platform that leverages robust large language models and integrates e-commerce data. This integration has significantly enhanced the shopping experience for consumers, providing a smoother and more intuitive shopping process. It has effectively increased transaction volumes and after-sales satisfaction levels.

Compared to traditional search methods, consumers no longer solely rely on inputting single keywords or vague search queries. With Taobao Wenwen, users can interact with the platform through natural expressions, articulating authentic and diverse needs more clearly and comprehensively. This interactive approach enables users to obtain more accurate search results and personalized recommendations, further enhancing the level of personalization and intelligence in the shopping experience.

Opportunities: Exploring New Dynamics in the Chinese Market

1. Personalized Recommendation Logic: 

Wenwen’s deep learning algorithm gives businesses the opportunity to precisely match user needs, making product recommendations more personalized and close to Chinese consumers.

2. Advantages of LLM: 

The introduction of large models allows businesses to provide more detailed descriptions of product requirements, enhancing the AI’s understanding of target products and overall matching efficiency. This provides brands with more opportunities for showcasing their products and attracting target audiences.

3. Optimization of Brand Knowledge Base: 

Businesses can collaborate with the platform to optimize their brand image and information on Taobao Wenwen, avoiding errors in brand representation and enhancing user trust in the brand.

4. Involvement of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Operations: 

With the development, Wenwen plans to launch products that allow SMEs to actively participate in brand operations. This provides a channel for SMEs to communicate and receive feedback, enhancing brand image and awareness.

5. User Retention and Brand Promotion: 

By establishing a better knowledge system on Wenwen, merchants can provide users with more detailed product information and reasons for recommendations, increasing user retention. This also provides an opportunity for businesses to enhance brand conversion rates on Taobao.

Taobao Wenwen is not just a shopping assistant for users but also a land of opportunities for businesses to enter the Chinese market. Businesses can seize these opportunities by actively participating in Wenwen’s operations, understanding the buying behavior of Chinese consumers and creating a brand image with a higher level of personalization and intelligence.


In general, Taobao, as a guiding star in the Chinese e-commerce industry, the introduction of Taobao Wenwen will attract more brands to settle in, representing an opportunity that businesses cannot afford to overlook. 

In the future, international enterprises can seize the new opportunities in the Chinese e-commerce market through Taobao Wenwen, actively participate in its operations, establish brand awareness, attract more users, and achieve rapid business growth.