Emerging in 2011, Zhihu initially catered to a select group of technology elites, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders, fostering a niche community renowned for its high-caliber and comprehensive content.

By 2013, Zhihu broadened its user base, inviting the public in and witnessing an exponential surge in users. This expansion saw topics diversifying from specialized domains such as history and science to encompass mainstream interests like pop culture, lifestyle, and entertainment.

Over time, Zhihu strategically evolved into a commercial entity, seamlessly integrating advertising and knowledge-centric services. This transformation solidified its reputation as a platform distinguished by authoritative insights and multifaceted perspectives.

User Demographics

Official data from Zhihu reveals a demographic landscape where 48% of users hail from first-tier cities, with a staggering 98% aged over 18. Furthermore, 80% boast a bachelor’s degree or higher, with 76% enjoying a monthly income exceeding 10,000 RMB.

These statistics underscore the imperative for meticulous brand positioning when devising digital marketing strategies for Zhihu. With the majority of potential audiences possessing at least a bachelor’s degree, emphasis must be placed on disseminating valuable knowledge rather than merely deploying visually appealing content.

When engaging with relevant topics within one’s industry, a subtle approach is paramount. Aggressive self-promotion should be eschewed in favor of authentic knowledge sharing, recognizing that the most effective marketing on Zhihu emanates from the dissemination of expertise and intriguing insights within one’s field.

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Harnessing Zhihu Products: Columns, Yanxuan, and Live

Zhihu Columns: An Avenue for Knowledge Dissemination

Zhihu Columns serve as an indispensable platform for users to share their expertise and perspectives. Through column creation, users assume the role of hosts, offering valuable insights and professional opinions to fellow users. Each column comprises a series of articles centered around a specific theme, providing readers with a rich repository of information to explore.

Zhihu Live Lectures: Real-Time Knowledge Exchange

Live lectures facilitates real-time voice-based Q&A sessions, enabling speakers to impart their expertise, experiences, or insights on designated topics. Attendees are afforded the opportunity to pose questions and receive immediate responses, fostering seamless interaction and knowledge dissemination. Such engagements serve as a convenient and efficient means of enhancing the professional branding image.

Zhihu Yanxuan: Upholding Content Excellence

Yanxuan stands as a premium content subscription service aimed at delivering top-tier knowledge and services. Subscribers gain access to exclusive privileges, including personalized Q&A sessions, specialized columns, video content, and offline events. This premium offering serves to elevate the overall Zhihu experience, providing discerning users with unparalleled access to premium content.

ZHIHU include varieties of products.

Zhihu for SEO

Optimizing Content for Search Engines

The significance of Zhihu in search engine optimization (SEO) cannot be overstated. Key techniques to optimize content include:

  • External Links: Leveraging Zhihu’s allowance for external links within answers to incorporate relevant backlinks to one’s website, thereby enhancing site credibility and SEO.
  • Title Optimization: Crafting titles for answers or articles with pertinent keywords to align with Baidu’s SERP algorithm, thus improving search visibility.
  • Keyword Integration: Naturally incorporating industry-specific keywords into content to bolster search engine relevance and visibility. Integration with Overall SEO Strategy

Ensure alignment between Zhihu content and overarching SEO strategies, maintaining consistency in messaging and keyword usage across platforms to fortify brand presence. Strategically employ internal linking to direct users to related Zhihu content, enhancing user experience and facilitating search engine discovery. Monitoring and Analyzing Zhihu Performance regularly monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) such as views, upvotes, and engagement to glean insights into user behavior and iteratively refine content strategy accordingly. Actively utilize analytics tools to dissect performance data and fine-tune titles, keywords, and formatting for optimal user and search engine appeal.

Best Practices and Recommendations


Deliver Value: Prioritize the creation of high-quality, informative content that resonates with users.

Engage Authentically: Foster genuine interactions with users and promptly respond to comments and queries.

Explore Creative Approaches: Think beyond conventional marketing tactics to unlock the full potential of Zhihu.


Keyword Overuse: Avoid the excessive insertion of keywords that compromises readability and user experience.

Neglect Analytics: Regularly assess performance data to refine strategies and ensure continual improvement.

Disregard User Feedback: Address user comments and feedback promptly to foster a responsive and user-centric approach.